Economy of Style in Ladue News!

Happy Friday! I’m not sure what excites me more: that Ladue News made me a feature in their September issue, or that the piece features my original photography throughout the issue? Or, is it that I got to share my in-depth thoughts about what it has meant to build a fashion business as a Black woman? Surely, the answer is all those things make this feature extra special.

Ladue News is a local St. Louis publication that has been delivering community highlights for over 3 decades. I’m honored to be featured in the current issue. If you’re in the St. Louis area, grab a copy! If you’re not, be sure to check out the digital issue here or the online story here.

Here’s a peek inside:

Ladue News

Thank you so much to Ladue News the special feature. Special thank you to Bethany Christo for writing the piece. And, thank you for reading because you make these opportunities possible for me.

2018 In Style: The Process Of Curating Images

As we move closer to the end of 2018, I’ve decided to dedicate a few posts to reflecting on the year. The plan is to share some of my favorite moments and your favorite moments to honor 2018 and then welcome 2019.

I started this blog many years ago to talk about style. And, style remains the focus of this space. Every post, every topic, every image begins with a thought about styling. With that said, one of my goals this year was to make my content inspire and excite your style sensibilities more than ever.

To do that, I wanted to become more selective when curating images. I wanted to find the best backdrops to complement an outfit and tell a style story. Doing so wasn’t always easy because I shoot outdoors in uncontrolled environments. But, I had a great time striving to do this, and the 20 images below represent some of my favorite curated images.

2018 In Style: Curating Images

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curating images

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25 More Stunning Backdrops for Fashion Bloggers in St. Louis

The city of St. Louis inspired my love of photography. So, about a year ago, I produced a post that rounded up 25 Stunning Backdrops for Fashion Photographs in St. Louis. That post has been quite popular, so I’m back today with a part 2. I’m sharing another 25 photography backdrops that are perfect for photoshoots in St. Louis.

25 Stunning Photography Backdrops in St. Louis

1. St. Louis Union Station (lake) | See original post for more

2. Contemporary Art Museum. The museum is free and has an accommodating photography policy. No tripods are allowed, but you can take photos in the space as long as you don’t disrupt the experience of other visitors. (See original post for more)

3. Laclede’s Landing. The Landing is a treasure trove for rustic-looking backdrops in various colors. (See original post for more)

4. Linnean House at Missouri Botanical Garden | See original post for more

5. Lilly Pool at Missouri Botanical Garden | See original post for more

6. The Coronado | See original post for more

7. Central Library, Downtown. The front of the central library (on Olive) offers a variety of options for photographs, from the beautiful doorways to the staircase. (See original post for more)

8. Postcard view of downtown St. Louis from the Central Library | See original post for more

9. Malcolm Martin Memorial | See original post for more

10. Missouri History Museum | See original post for more

11. The Grove. The streets of the Grove are ideal for street style photo shoots. (See original post for more)

12. Compton Hill Water Tower | See original post for more

Photography backdrops

13. Mural on 2200 block of Jefferson Ave | See original post for more

14. Carpenter branch of St. Louis Public Library | See original post for more

15. Downtown St. Louis Post Office | See original post for more

16. Postcard view of downtown St. Louis from the downtown Post Office | See original post for more

17. Marriott St. Louis Grand | See original post for more

18. Marriott St. Louis Grand. When it’s cold outside, the inside of the Marriott St. Louis Grand has beautiful spaces like this ballroom. (See original post for more)

19. Cherokee Street in South City | See original post for more

20. Old Post Office in Downtown | See original post for more

21. Peabody Opera House | See original post for more

22. Pond outside Sauce on the side (downtown) | See original post for more

23. Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis | see original post for more

24. Graffiti Wall. This is a repeat entry because the murals change every year during the Paint Louis event. (See original post for more)

25. Shaw neighborhood in Fall | See original post for more

I hope you enjoyed the second post in this series. There are so many more photography backdrops that I’m already planning a part 3.