How to Master Your Creative Casual Style

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My husband and I both run creative businesses that overlap in their reliance on writing and photography. So, we often work together. This time of year, when the weather is lovely, we like to venture out of our at-home offices to be inspired by the city. You know, kinda like a work date. You can sometimes find us at a neighborhood coffee shop or at one of our favorite co-working spaces.

Given the nature of work, we both rock a creative casual style. Today, I’m sharing 3 tips for mastering that look.

Creative Casual Style

creative casual

1. Choose button-down shirts that show your personality

My husband and I both love color and would opt to rock brights over neutrals any day. So, most of our button-downs are bright and cheerful.

2. Opt for casual slacks or jeans

No doubt, I love jeans! If  I have the option to wear a pair, I grab my favorite one and go. For work or on casual occasions that require a more polished look, my husband and I both opt for darker rinse jeans with a relaxed fit. Slacks are a great alternative to jeans as well.

3. Step out in sensible but chic shoes

Sensible shoes are a must for us. We spend a lot of time on our feet, bouncing from location to location for photoshoots, walking to lunch from our office, or picking up inventory to create content around. We’ve both been shopping for shoes at Zappos for years because we love the range of styles, fast (and FREE) shipping, the 365 day return policy, and the stellar customer service.

Since my last pair of Clarks instantly became my most comfortable shoes, I decided to get a second pair and have my hubby try a pair as well. Listen, we’re so glad we did!

Hubby chose the Clarks Atticus Lace in tan leather. These shoes have a classic profile and rubber outsole with an overall look that hits a sweet spot between casual and formal. He wears them with just about everything.

For me? I went with the Clarks Deloria Kay, a heeled sandal that gives your girl a little height. What I love about this shoe is that I never feel like I’m actually walking in heels because of the super comfortable footbed.

No surprise, I’m also a huge fan of the buckled strap closures. That detail adds so much pizazz to this sandal. By the way, I’m wearing the Clarks Deloria Kay in the color Mahogany Leather. It’s like a mauve-ish, blush color that serves as the perfect nude shoe for we brown gals.

Location: Spaces Central West End

Find your go-to Clarks shoes at Zappos to anchor your creative casual style.

See me style another pair of Clarks shoes from Zappos here.


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