5 Things I’m Doing While Stuck At Home

Hi my friends! Long time no chat. As always, I hope that you’re healthy and safe. Since we’re all adjusting to this new normal, I thought I’d check in to share what I’ve been up to. I used to wish I had more time in a day to do other things. Now, that gigs and events and travel have been canceled, I haven’t quite jumped into all those projects on my list. But, I’m beginning to tackle a few things. Here they are.

1. Revisiting my home art project

I collect art from my home, St. Kitts. Every time I visit, I bring something back. I’ve had a stash growing in the corner of my office just waiting to be framed. Since Michaels.com is open, I’m starting to work on the project in this new stay home life. I order all of my frames there.

stay home life

2. Getting “dressed” for the day

I usually work from home, so I’ve been practicing this one for a while. I’m more productive when I get up and get dressed for the day. Check out my usual at-home uniform here. I had the fun opportunity to teach a fashion marketing class at my alma mater this week, so I got a little more jazzy than usual for the occasion.

stay home life

3. Learning a language

I’ve been brushing up on Spanish using the Duolingo app on my iPad. It’s addictive and fun. I also like the app’s focus on learning vocubulary you’d actually use in everyday circumstances

4. Committing to 30 minutes of exercise a day

I usually go hard in the gym. The idea of working out at home, however, just wasn’t doing it for me. I did nothing for about 3 weeks. I’ve found that committing to just 30 minutes a day seemed more doable. So far, so good.

stay home life

5. Getting creative with content projects

I’m fortunate to be able to continue to create content during this time. I’m working on some really fun projects that I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well because some projects will only be shared there.

stay home life

How are you adjusting to this stay home life?

How Technology Is Helping Me Prioritize My Health This Year

This post is sponsored by SSM Health virtual visits. Find out more here.

Last year was a tough year for me healthwise. In June, I found out that I had to have an emergency surgery followed by an almost 2 month recovery time (read my surgery story here). It turned my world upside down. So, going into this new year, I recommitted to making my health a top priority by leaving no concerns, no matter how small, unchecked. But, let’s face it, it can be challenging to see a doctor right when you need to because their calendars get filled so quickly. That’s why I’m so thrilled to have discovered SSM Health virtual visits. This service makes meeting my health goals convenient and accessible.

SSM Health virtual visits is a service that connects you with trusted SSM Health providers via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The service is available all week long (9 am to 7:30 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 4:30 pm Saturday and Sunday). Allergies flaring up? Sinus infection? Miserable cold? The virtual service is a go-to for non-urgent medical concerns like these. And, the best part? The service costs a flat fee of $25. That’s lower than my copay, y’all.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

How To Get Started With A SSM Health Virtual Visit

Want to see how easy it easy to start a virtual visit? From your computer, tablet, or smartphone, visit the SSM Health site here. You’ll be asked to register and then indicate the reason for your visit.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

Breaking down your concern is easy and streamlined as well. You’d simply respond to a dynamic questionnaire that asks the same questions you’d get in an in-person office visit.

Now, get this. Usually within 15 minutes (and always less than an hour), a trusted SSM health provider responds via video visit or phone call to discuss treatment. If medications are needed, a prescription is sent directly to your chosen pharmacy.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

My Favorite Features

Did I mention that this service costs a flat fee of $25? That fee is lower than my copay for most services, making it an easy choice for things like my eye allergies and hyperactive skin. I also love that during operating hours, I can receive care as soon as I need it. And, I’d always prefer to be video chatting with a health provider from the comfort of my home than sitting in a super cold and crowded office.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

You all were so responsive to my health journey last year. So, I simply had to share this amazing service (explore it here) that’s helping me this year.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

Find out how SSM Health virtual visits might benefit you and your family by going here.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

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The Surprising Tech Tools Behind Every Fashion Post

This post is sponsored by Walmart.

I’ve been managing my blog for 10 years! What started as a hobby has flourished into a business that I enjoy running every day because I get to talk about fashion with you. It’s a lot of work though, y’all. I occasionally share parts of my process, usually the fun aspects like planning photo shoots and actually photographing outfits. I rely on all sorts of technology to keep things flowing smoothly. Today, I’ve partnered with Walmart to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse I’ve never shared before.

Tech Tools in my Blog Office

As a blogger, I have the coolest opportunities to work with brands that I love and have shopped for years. These partnerships allow me to continue to provide great content. Collaborations require contracts and invoices, which have to be printed, signed, and scanned. So, in addition to the fancy camera and photo editing software, the tech tool I use most often in my office is my printer. I’ve been long overdue for an upgrade, so I just got HP Deskjet 2655 All in One Printer. Listen, my work life has since gotten easier.

I use my all in one primarily for managing contracts. The design of this HP is perfect for me because I can print directly from my phone and scan documents right back to my phone. This little wireless feature makes completing the contract process so much more efficient, which gives me more time to focus on creating content.

tech tools

Talking about creating content, I manage a huge collection of images for my blog. Since facing a major data loss a couple years ago, I take my photo storage seriously. You’d be shocked if you see how many WD external hard drives I own. Don’t even get me talking about the Sd cards for my camera. I use them as storage too and hence never erase an image I take. When one is filled, I start using a new one. Thanks to Walmart’s FREE 2-day shipping service, it is easy to always have back-up storage for my camera and images on hand.

What tech tools do you rely on daily that might surprise us?

How Technology is Enhancing My Fitness Journey this Year

Thank you Nokia for sponsoring this post. Visit the Nokia Body+ site for more info and start the new year off right!

You might soon grow tired of me saying this, but I’m turning 40 later this year. Yass! I’m so thrilled about it that I’ve been busy setting goals. One of my major goals is to seriously boost my health and well being. I want to be in the best health of my life. And, the start of the year is a cool time to start targeting that goal, right?

I’ve taken some important steps in that direction in the past. I created a fitness regimen that I love. I also cleaned up my diet. This year, to take things to a new level, I’m incorporating technology into my routine. And, when, I encountered the Nokia Body+ scale, I knew I found an accountability partner in fitness technology.

I know what you’re thinking, “not another scale, Psyche!” But, rock with me for a second. The Nokia Body+ is not just another scale, y’all. It is a body analyzer. This beautifully-designed device captures some critical components of your weight, including BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, body water, and bone mass. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it’ll even tell you the weather.

There are differing opinions on weight check-ins when on a fitness journey. When I worked with a trainer, we’d do periodical check-ins to get the kind of data that my Nokia Body+ gives me whenever I want. For me, getting information is crucial for tracking progress and targeting or retargeting efforts. By the way, the Nokia Body+ makes it easy to track progress because it syncs with the Health Mate app automatically and keeps a complete history of your health data. These two things together are like the ultimate fitness coach.

In addition to making it so easy to track your progress over time, the Health Mate app also gives encouragement and tips on how to best achieve your goals. By the way, if you’re already using other apps, like MyFitnessPal, Health Mate can sync to them as well.

fitness technology

My dog Nevis must’ve heard that the Nokia Body+ was family-friendly because he always wants to be around when I’m using mine. While he won’t be using it, the scale and its Health Mate partner can track up to 8 users. So, I’ve been tracking my husband Howard’s weight data too. It’s a family affair.

(Get 10% off at the Nokia Health store through December 1, 2018 here with this code: NEWYOU-WFA-N9Z)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

How to Never Miss a Coupon Again

I consider myself a fairly savvy clothing and accessories shopper. I know what I want and I know how much I want to pay for it. If you are here, I know you are too. Am I right? I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get the best deals, from stalking my favorite sites for sales to signing up for store offers. Over the years, though, these efforts have become overwhelming and exhausting. Right now, for example, my store offer email account has over 150 unread messages. Who has time to sift through 150 messages? Not me! That’s why I rely on sites like Groupon Coupons to do the work for me.

Coupon Groupon Coupons

What is Groupons Coupons?

I’ve been using Groupon Coupons for over a year. It’s a free online service that conveniently rounds up all the current coupons and offers at over 11,000 retailers. Coupon on clothing at Target? Groupon Coupons will have it. Special sale on sunglasses at J.Crew? Groupon Coupons will have the deets. Instead of scouring my 100s of emails everyday, I simply search the Groupon Coupons site before buying anything.

I’m traveling home next month, and I almost always book through Travelocity. Before booking my trip, I checked Groupon Coupons, and guess what? There was a valid coupon for an extra 15% off my fare. More money for me to spend in St. Kitts! I’m so excited.

All of our favorite retailers are included in the over 11,ooo stores covered by Groupon Coupons. From Gap to Saks Off 5th to Nordstrom Rack, you can use the site to check for offers before you purchase anything. And, remember, the service is always FREE.

This post is sponsored by Groupon Coupons. As always, all of the images and ideas are my own.