5 Things I’m Doing While Stuck At Home

Hi my friends! Long time no chat. As always, I hope that you’re healthy and safe. Since we’re all adjusting to this new normal, I thought I’d check in to share what I’ve been up to. I used to wish I had more time in a day to do other things. Now, that gigs and events and travel have been canceled, I haven’t quite jumped into all those projects on my list. But, I’m beginning to tackle a few things. Here they are.

1. Revisiting my home art project

I collect art from my home, St. Kitts. Every time I visit, I bring something back. I’ve had a stash growing in the corner of my office just waiting to be framed. Since Michaels.com is open, I’m starting to work on the project in this new stay home life. I order all of my frames there.

stay home life

2. Getting “dressed” for the day

I usually work from home, so I’ve been practicing this one for a while. I’m more productive when I get up and get dressed for the day. Check out my usual at-home uniform here. I had the fun opportunity to teach a fashion marketing class at my alma mater this week, so I got a little more jazzy than usual for the occasion.

stay home life

3. Learning a language

I’ve been brushing up on Spanish using the Duolingo app on my iPad. It’s addictive and fun. I also like the app’s focus on learning vocubulary you’d actually use in everyday circumstances

4. Committing to 30 minutes of exercise a day

I usually go hard in the gym. The idea of working out at home, however, just wasn’t doing it for me. I did nothing for about 3 weeks. I’ve found that committing to just 30 minutes a day seemed more doable. So far, so good.

stay home life

5. Getting creative with content projects

I’m fortunate to be able to continue to create content during this time. I’m working on some really fun projects that I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well because some projects will only be shared there.

stay home life

How are you adjusting to this stay home life?


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