The Surprising Tech Tools Behind Every Fashion Post

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I’ve been managing my blog for 10 years! What started as a hobby has flourished into a business that I enjoy running every day because I get to talk about fashion with you. It’s a lot of work though, y’all. I occasionally share parts of my process, usually the fun aspects like planning photo shoots and actually photographing outfits. I rely on all sorts of technology to keep things flowing smoothly. Today, I’ve partnered with Walmart to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse I’ve never shared before.

Tech Tools in my Blog Office

As a blogger, I have the coolest opportunities to work with brands that I love and have shopped for years. These partnerships allow me to continue to provide great content. Collaborations require contracts and invoices, which have to be printed, signed, and scanned. So, in addition to the fancy camera and photo editing software, the tech tool I use most often in my office is my printer. I’ve been long overdue for an upgrade, so I just got HP Deskjet 2655 All in One Printer. Listen, my work life has since gotten easier.

I use my all in one primarily for managing contracts. The design of this HP is perfect for me because I can print directly from my phone and scan documents right back to my phone. This little wireless feature makes completing the contract process so much more efficient, which gives me more time to focus on creating content.

tech tools

Talking about creating content, I manage a huge collection of images for my blog. Since facing a major data loss a couple years ago, I take my photo storage seriously. You’d be shocked if you see how many WD external hard drives I own. Don’t even get me talking about the Sd cards for my camera. I use them as storage too and hence never erase an image I take. When one is filled, I start using a new one. Thanks to Walmart’s FREE 2-day shipping service, it is easy to always have back-up storage for my camera and images on hand.

What tech tools do you rely on daily that might surprise us?


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