When Fashion, Technology, and Social Justice Convene

This post is in partnership with Verizon.

Earlier this week, I attended #MotoZFashionNight hosted by Verizon at Laurie Solet boutique. It was a special event because it brought women together to celebrate fashion, technology, and social justice. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the Verizon HopeLine program has been committed to domestic violence prevention since 2001. So, Verizon got us all together to talk about HopeLine and the technology that makes it all happen.


Laurie Solet boutique was the perfect setting for #MotoZFashionNight. We enjoyed light bites, wine, and of course, a little shopping. I’ll be sharing a couple of my finds from the boutique in upcoming posts.


While there, we explored the new Moto Z Droid and its cool accessories. The Moto Z is currently the thinnest premium smartphone, and it’s available exclusively to Verizon. This little device is quite powerful and becomes even more so with the addition of accessories called Mods. The phone is a smartypants, too, and connects to Mods without bluetooth. The speaker Mod (barely larger than the phone) especially impressed me by providing music for the entire party. And, it was booming, y’all!

Verizon HopeLine

The Moto Z is also available through the HopeLine Program. One of the major efforts of the Verizon HopeLine program is providing wireless phones and service to victims and survivors of domestic violence. This program is so crucial because these phones serve as lifelines by keeping recipients connected to emergency or support services when needed and also to family and friends.


I’m excited to support Verizon’s work around domestic violence. It’s fairly easy too. I’m rounding up a few of my older phones and accessories to donate. Verizon either refurbishes or recycles the phones to benefit HopeLine. Also, since purple is the color of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I’ll be rocking purple and buying purple. Purchases of purple products at Verizon, like my new mophie power station, benefit Camp Hope America.

Bargain Shopping Made Easy

Getting the items or services I want at the lowest prices possible always makes me feel good. Why pay more when you can pay less, right? Deal alerts. Insider programs. You name it. I’m signed up for it. My email account has become so flooded with offers, though, that I can’t even keep track of them. And, sometimes, I miss important chances to save more, like when I didn’t use an available coupon when booking my travel arrangements recently via Travelocity. Darn it!

Since then, I’ve started using Groupon Coupons, a free service that conveniently rounds up all the current coupons and offers at over 9000 retailers. If you’re like me, you’ve probably purchased a groupon or two or three. Groupon Coupons is a newer service offered by the same Groupon company you’ve always known.

What I especially appreciate about Groupon Coupons is that the service covers coupons in several categories. Coupons from my favorite fashion retailers, from J.Crew to Saks Off Fifth to 6PM, are stored. When I need to get something from PetSmart for my puppy Nevis, I can use the same service to grab any available coupons. When I prepare my family’s taxes (which I still need to do), I can save more with a TurboTax coupon.

Last Saturday, I was in Target. I don’t even remember what I was shopping for. But, I ended up picking up clothing. I think I’m a fairly savvy Target shopper. Cartwheel. Check. Red Card. Check. I almost always forget to check for mobile coupons though. On a whim, I checked the Target page on Groupon Coupons and to my surprise (and luck), there was a coupon on clothing. Score!

That travelocity coupon I missed? Let’s just say I know where to look before making any online travel purchases again.

Have a purchase to make? Check Groupon Coupons first. It’s free and it just might save you some money.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Groupon Coupons. As always, the opinions, ideas, and images are my own.

The Best Shopping Apps for Holiday Deals

Shopping for the holidays? Never miss a deal again by using these top shopping apps for finding the best prices on the most-wanted items of the year.

The Best Shopping Apps for Holiday Deals

Shopular App: Hassle-free Bargain Shopping

Deals from my favorite retailers saved for easy access on Shopular

Hi. My name is Psyche, and I love a good deal. To ensure that I’m always aware of available offers, I’m signed up for deal alerts from all my favorite retailers. That list of favorite retailers, though, has gotten so long over the years that I can’t always keep up with the best deals available when I need them. I was recently in JCPenney, for instance, and completely forgot to use a 15% off coupon I had in my email. Don’t you just hate that?

I’m so glad, then, to have found Shopular, a smart shopping app that takes the hassle out of bargain shopping. This app is like a genie for coupons, offers, and even the weekly ads of hundreds of retailers. You choose your favorite stores, and Shopular does all the work of tracking down the best available deals. There’s no forgetting to use an offer either because once you’re at a store, Shopular will pop up the best coupons available at the store.

No more clipping coupons and keeping track of expiration dates,
Shopular saves all the current deals from my favorite retailers in one spot.

Shopular is the kind of app that you can set up and then just let it work for you. It takes less than five minutes to set up the app too. After downloading the app, I opened it up and customized my offers by choosing my favorite retailers, like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Kate Spade, and others. I allowed the app to find my location and to send notifications. I, then, created an account by entering my email. And, done.

Easy steps to setting up Shopular

Last Saturday, while shopping for a blazer for my husband, Shopular reminded me of just how useful it is. The app let me know that I could save an extra 20% off an already reduced priced item by using a coupon. I pulled up the coupon via Shopular, the store associate scanned it, and I left the store having saved even more than I had expected.

Grabbing a coupon via Shopular to apply to a purchase.

Shopular is currently available for iOS and Android. The app is also free, so it only makes sense (and cents) to give it a try.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Shopular. As usual, all the opinions, ideas, and images are my own.