5 Zoom Backgrounds For Amazing Work From Home Settings

2020 switched things up on us. Many of us have found ourselves working from home. Some of us are finding out that this work-from-home life might be permanent. Take the stress out of worrying about how your home looks by adopting one of these easy tricks to set up perfect zoom backgrounds. As an added bonus, everything is affordable and requires zero skills to setup.

Zoom backgrounds
5 Easy-To-Create Zoom Backgrounds
1. Artsy wall backdrop

I’m no DIY-er, and painting is not my forte. So, you better believe this backdrop doesn’t require any of these skills. Get this. The striking design on my wall is achieved by decals. I always choose decals when I want a statement wall because they’re easy to apply, and more importantly, they’re easy to remove. We deserve the right to change things often.

Zoom backgrounds

Wall decals | Laptop stand | Candle holder | Candle | Faux palm plant via Home Goods | Chair

Purple sweater | Coral joggers

2. Room Rater Envy

Obsessed with Room Rater reviews on Twitter? It’s super easy and affordable to create a bookcase backsplash of your own. Well, the books are on you. But, the white bookcases, all from Ikea, make it easy to customize to your needs. You have the option to buy as many shelves as you want and place them where you need them. I sacrificed a window to create this continuous flow of books, and it was totally worth it.

Zoom backgrounds

Billy Bookcases | Extra Shelves | Chair | Pajama set

3. Corner office

Space tight? No worries! Even a corner can be spruced up. I relied on a combination of wall decals and favorite artifacts to design this backdrop. My bamboo window coverings totally fit the vibe as well.

Zoom backgrounds

Wall decals | Ikea plant | Ladder desk | Hoodie + shorts

4. Happy Hour Spot

Zoom happy hours are actually a thing now. Why not let your backdrop function for the event as well. I decorated my bar cart to serve as a backdrop. And, of course, all the essentials for the event will be handy.

Zoom backgrounds

Raffia bar cart | Wall baskets | Snifters (More details here)

5. Fashion Link-ups

Fashion is a big part of my life. When I’m doing fashion-related zooms, I stream from the cute and tidy parts of my closet room. In this corner, I replaced the doors from the actual tiny closet and covered the opening with drapes. Next to that, my shoes and bags are organized on a Billy bookcase.

Billy Bookcase | Society 6 curtains

Bar Cart Styling And The Most Fun Way To Keep It Stocked

Anyone else constantly changing things around their house since being home more often? I know I am. After creating my corner office in an empty nook in my dining room, I’ve been exploring options for another open space next to the library in that same dining room. I’ve decided to add a bar cart. Today, I’m sharing all the details on my bar cart styling as well as a fitting subscription I recently acquired (with a special code for you).

Bar Cart Styling

Bar Cart Details:

Raffia bar cart | Wall baskets | Wine via Vine Oh! (use code EOSGift) | Snifters

I enjoy having gorgeous, natural textures around my home. So, rattan is a go-to for that natural element. When I found this rattan bar cart for $150, I knew it was the one. It’s a two-tiered bar cart with a beautiful, honey wood color. It was also the perfect size for my space. And, the best part? It arrived fully assembled in a huge box. I simply had to remove it and get to bar cart styling.

Since my bar cart is less than half of the height of the bookcases sitting next to it, I wanted something interesting for the wall behind the cart. These wall baskets, which come in a pack of 4 (largest one is not shown here), were the perfect addition.

Bar Cart Styling

I’m partnering with Vine Oh!, a quarterly subscription box that is anchored by wine, on Instagram today. I have a special code (EOSGIFT) that I had to share with fellow wine lovers here as well. The box retails for $59.99 and comes with 2 premium, private label bottles of wines and 5-6 full-size products. My code–EOSGift–gives you a 3rd bottle of wine for the life of your subscription and the wine glass (I’m holding above) as a gift with purchase.

I like to try new wines, so I’ve been enjoying this subscription. I’m showcasing a mixed box (white and red wines), but my usual selection will be reds only. I love that there’s an option to select red or white wines only or a mix of both. Want more details? I’m sharing an unboxing on Instagram today at 5PM CST.

bar cart styling bar cart styling

Location: Shaw Historic District, St. Louis

bar cart styling

The Best Pajamas To Cozy Up In This Winter

So, we’re stuck in the house. The way I see it, our style shouldn’t be restricted to out-of-the-house activities. Over the past year, I’ve been exploring my loungewear look (see examples here, here, and here). I’ve also been fine-tuning my nighttime style, aka sleepwear. And, if I’m honest, some days are sleepwear all day kinda days. I found a few pajamas sets recently that I enjoy wearing so much that I had to share before they’re gone.

Satin Pajamas

What I’m Wearing:

Pink stripe satin pajama set ($25) | Bobeau cardigan c/o | Fenty gloss bomb (color: Fu$$y)

Satin Pajamas

The pajama set, which includes the shirt, shorts, and a matching sleep mask is only $25. Don’t let the price deceive you, though, this set feels as luxurious and comfortable as higher-end options. I bought the pajamas on a whim, brought them home, tried them on, and I immediately returned to Target to buy another in red. The pieces fit perfectly. The fit is cozy and soft. For reference, I’m wearing a size medium, and sizes range from XS to XXL. By the way, the set also comes in a floral option and a black one.

To add a little styling and some additional warmth, I paired my pajamas with my Bobeau cardigan. The color complements my set well. And, Bobeau pieces feel like your favorite hug…so cozy.

Shop cozy pajamas:

How To Transform An Empty Corner Into A Workspace

I started a new position in tech (more on that later), and it’s completely remote. I found myself often working from my dining table. You see, my husband’s office and my closet-office are both upstairs, and when we’re both speaking on zoom, it’s chaotic. Since he uses a desktop, and I use a MacBook, I relocate. I wanted a more permanent solution for this situation. So, I started scouting my house for the ideal location for a home workspace.

Location Scouting

I considered the big closet downstairs, but the position didn’t feel feng shui. I thought about the small room next to our dining room, but it’s too close to a bathroom. I then considered an empty corner of the dining room, and I saw serious potential. As an added bonus, there’s an electrical outlet right in the corner too. I took some measurements and decided that if I could find a desk that’ll fit perfectly in the corner, this could be a go. Found one!

home workspace

What I’m Wearing:

Jogger set hoodie + shorts | Blue light glasses | Kendra Scott earrings

home workspace

The Right Desk

Choosing the right desk required some thought and planning. I wanted enough useable surface space for my needs, but I was working with limited space. The solution? A ladder desk with the perfect dimensions for my empty corner, sufficient surface space, and two additional shelves that maximize the tight corner.

home workspace
Desk Essentials

To boost functionality at my desk, organization is critical. So, I added pieces that maximize every bit of the space. My laptop stand (under $30) is essential because not only does it prop my MacBook up to a comfortable viewing height, it also reclaims so much desk space. I can slide my external keyboard right under it when not in use. My vertical laptop stand (under $30) is another must-have because it’s a sharp-looking and space-saving way to stow away my personal MacBook and my iPad. Since I’m facing a wall and next to window, I use a small ring light (under $20) that I can clip to my screen or sit on the shelf above me for the perfect light for video meetings. It’s USB chargeable, which is such a plus.

home workspace

The rest of my accessories are just personal things I find inspirational. From words of affirmation (some stickers from an event that I framed) to special photos to meaningful artifacts, each was chosen with love. My lamp is from TJ Maxx. I got it mainly for the look and to add a little light to the workspace. It has a USB port, which is convenient. I usually use that port to charge my ring light. The fake greenery is from Target.

Finishing Touches

I wanted this little corner to feel like its own space, so I added this accent wall as a room divider. And, get this? The pattern is created using decals I found on Etsy (shop them here). And, of course, because Nevis (my Havanese dog) wants to be wherever I am, I got this Ikea bed for him. I wish I could get him to stay on it instead of on my lap, but that’s another story. The fake plant in a seagrass basket is from Ikea as well. My mid-century modern chair was a fortunate Ross find, but I usually shop desk chairs at Wayfair. I chose a woven wastebasket because it fits the overall decor. I use it to store extra cables and other stuff I want tucked away. The bamboo shades are really old, but I believe I found them at Wayfair.

Location: Home sweet home, Shaw Historic District, St. Louis

This Easy, Virtual, Affordable Health Care Is More Important Now

This post is sponsored by SSM Health Virtual Visits. Find out more here.

At the start of the year, I shared that one of my goals was to make my health a priority (see that post here). I had no idea at the time that safeguarding our health would become a top priority for all of us. I’m so thrilled to have discovered SSM Health virtual visits when I did because it’s so convenient and affordable. That’s more important now than ever.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

SSM Health virtual visits is a service that connects you with trusted SSM Health providers via your computer or mobile device. You can now start a visit 24/7. Got a health concern? Connect and get answers! It’s as simple as taking 5 to 15 minutes to respond to a series of questions about how you’re feeling. During office hours, a healthcare provider will respond within 3 hours with a treatment plan and a prescription if needed.  After hours, you get a response first thing the next morning.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

Allergies flaring up? Sinus infection? Cold symptoms? The virtual service is a go-to for non-urgent medical concerns like these. The service costs a flat fee of $25, which is lower than my copay for sure. If for some reason your health concern cannot be addressed online, you will not be charged that fee.

How To Start A Virtual Visit

Skip scheduling appointments. Definitely avoid waiting rooms. It’s so easy to start a virtual visit. From your computer or mobile device, visit the SSM Health site here. You’ll be asked to register and then indicate the reason for your visit. I love that you can now start a virtual visit 24/7!

SSM Health Virtual Visits

Sharing the reason for your visit is also easy. You simply respond to a dynamic questionnaire that asks the same kinds of questions you’d get in an in-person healthcare visit.

A trusted SSM health provider then responds with a treatment plan within 3 hours or the next morning if your virtual visit was after office hours. If medications are needed, a prescription is sent directly to your chosen pharmacy. Just like that, you can inch closer to feeling well.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

Virtual Visit Benefits

Virtual visits have been my saving grace with my allergy flare ups and hyperactive skin this year. The flat fee of $25 is lower than my copay making it an easy choice. 24/7 access to care made getting help when I needed it so convenient. And, gosh, these past few months more than ever, I feel so much safer connecting with a health provider from the comfort of my home.

Sounds like a service that might benefit you and your family? Please bookmark the following link so you can be ready to start a virtual visit when you need it.