5 Zoom Backgrounds For Amazing Work From Home Settings

2020 switched things up on us. Many of us have found ourselves working from home. Some of us are finding out that this work-from-home life might be permanent. Take the stress out of worrying about how your home looks by adopting one of these easy tricks to set up perfect zoom backgrounds. As an added bonus, everything is affordable and requires zero skills to setup.

Zoom backgrounds
5 Easy-To-Create Zoom Backgrounds
1. Artsy wall backdrop

I’m no DIY-er, and painting is not my forte. So, you better believe this backdrop doesn’t require any of these skills. Get this. The striking design on my wall is achieved by decals. I always choose decals when I want a statement wall because they’re easy to apply, and more importantly, they’re easy to remove. We deserve the right to change things often.

Zoom backgrounds

Wall decals | Laptop stand | Candle holder | Candle | Faux palm plant via Home Goods | Chair

Purple sweater | Coral joggers

2. Room Rater Envy

Obsessed with Room Rater reviews on Twitter? It’s super easy and affordable to create a bookcase backsplash of your own. Well, the books are on you. But, the white bookcases, all from Ikea, make it easy to customize to your needs. You have the option to buy as many shelves as you want and place them where you need them. I sacrificed a window to create this continuous flow of books, and it was totally worth it.

Zoom backgrounds

Billy Bookcases | Extra Shelves | Chair | Pajama set

3. Corner office

Space tight? No worries! Even a corner can be spruced up. I relied on a combination of wall decals and favorite artifacts to design this backdrop. My bamboo window coverings totally fit the vibe as well.

Zoom backgrounds

Wall decals | Ikea plant | Ladder desk | Hoodie + shorts

4. Happy Hour Spot

Zoom happy hours are actually a thing now. Why not let your backdrop function for the event as well. I decorated my bar cart to serve as a backdrop. And, of course, all the essentials for the event will be handy.

Zoom backgrounds

Raffia bar cart | Wall baskets | Snifters (More details here)

5. Fashion Link-ups

Fashion is a big part of my life. When I’m doing fashion-related zooms, I stream from the cute and tidy parts of my closet room. In this corner, I replaced the doors from the actual tiny closet and covered the opening with drapes. Next to that, my shoes and bags are organized on a Billy bookcase.

Billy Bookcase | Society 6 curtains


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  1. Marissa
    March 7, 2021 / 6:52 pm

    These are such great ideas! I actually like the wall of books the most!