How Technology Is Helping Me Prioritize My Health This Year

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Last year was a tough year for me healthwise. In June, I found out that I had to have an emergency surgery followed by an almost 2 month recovery time (read my surgery story here). It turned my world upside down. So, going into this new year, I recommitted to making my health a top priority by leaving no concerns, no matter how small, unchecked. But, let’s face it, it can be challenging to see a doctor right when you need to because their calendars get filled so quickly. That’s why I’m so thrilled to have discovered SSM Health virtual visits. This service makes meeting my health goals convenient and accessible.

SSM Health virtual visits is a service that connects you with trusted SSM Health providers via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The service is available all week long (9 am to 7:30 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 4:30 pm Saturday and Sunday). Allergies flaring up? Sinus infection? Miserable cold? The virtual service is a go-to for non-urgent medical concerns like these. And, the best part? The service costs a flat fee of $25. That’s lower than my copay, y’all.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

How To Get Started With A SSM Health Virtual Visit

Want to see how easy it easy to start a virtual visit? From your computer, tablet, or smartphone, visit the SSM Health site here. You’ll be asked to register and then indicate the reason for your visit.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

Breaking down your concern is easy and streamlined as well. You’d simply respond to a dynamic questionnaire that asks the same questions you’d get in an in-person office visit.

Now, get this. Usually within 15 minutes (and always less than an hour), a trusted SSM health provider responds via video visit or phone call to discuss treatment. If medications are needed, a prescription is sent directly to your chosen pharmacy.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

My Favorite Features

Did I mention that this service costs a flat fee of $25? That fee is lower than my copay for most services, making it an easy choice for things like my eye allergies and hyperactive skin. I also love that during operating hours, I can receive care as soon as I need it. And, I’d always prefer to be video chatting with a health provider from the comfort of my home than sitting in a super cold and crowded office.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

You all were so responsive to my health journey last year. So, I simply had to share this amazing service (explore it here) that’s helping me this year.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

Find out how SSM Health virtual visits might benefit you and your family by going here.

SSM Health Virtual Visits

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