Savers opening in St. Louis!

Gucci, Movado, Dooney & Bourke, Louis Vuitton—a few of the labels I spotted last night during a sneak peek of the Savers thrift store opening tomorrow, Thursday, September 27, in Ellisville.  Yes, y’all.  Savers, an international thrift retailer with more than 280 stores across the U.S. and Canada, is finally opening in the St. Louis area.

Savers store at 15892 Clayton Road, Ellisville, MO

This Savers location houses over 100,000 items on the sales floor.  And, Savers stores get about 5000 new items daily.  I got a glimpse at how quickly inventory is renewed when the two Dooney & Bourke bags below were purchased (one by me) and a store associate swiftly restocked the case with two different Dooney bags.  I promptly asked if I could see the entire stash.  She assumed I was joking though.  I wasn’t 🙂

The designer bags and chunky gold jewelry on sale at this location are all right on trend.
The prices are just right too!

What you’ll find in this new Savers is a well-organized store.  Clothing, for example, is organized by item type (skirts, dresses, blouses) and then by size, making the search for treasures a tad easier.  I was also impressed by the well-curated collection of clothing for sale.  I saw all the labels I regularly shop and love (J.Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor) as well as a sizable selection of items that looked vintage, all for low prices.

A look at the racks of jeans on sale.
This Savers has fairly large fitting rooms for your convenience.

Of course, I didn’t leave Savers empty-handed.  Check out my mini haul.  

The clothing I purchased looks brand new.  I tried on several items and most of them showed
no signs of wear.

Savers will host its grand opening this Thursday at 9 am.  If you plan to stop by, sign up for a super Savers cub card to receive alerts about special deals like 50% off clothing days, and enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Disclosure:  I was invited to attend the VIP sneak peek event at Savers and received a gift certificate to shop at the event.  No monetary compensation was received for writing this post.  As always, all the ideas and opinions expressed are my own.

Organizing a Small Closet on a Budget

I am back with an exciting update on my small closet situation.  If you recall, I moved recently into a home with very small closets.  There is a tiny walk-in closet in the master bedroom, which presented functional limitations for my usage, but comfortably held my husband’s clothes.  There are two other small bedrooms in the house, one is the hubbie’s office and the other is my multi-purpose room—closet/dressing room/office.

Planning Phase:

  • Assess closet space in my room.
  • Decide what I want to store in the closet.
  • Choose a system for organizing what I store in the closet.

Assessing Closet Space:

My closet is 43″W and 21 1/2″D.  It had a bifold door that I removed from the hinges.    There is no storage at the top of the closet (and shelves can’t be added) because the ceiling is at an angle.

Tiny closet I’m working with
43″W x 21 1/2″ D

What Should be Stored in the Closet:

I prefer to hang all of my clothes, but that is not an option.  Since I wear dresses 95% of the time, they had to be hung for easy accessibility.  I also reach for cardigans and jackets often, so I also wanted them hung.  Everything else (shirts, tanks, blouses, skirts, and pants) would be tucked away.

Choosing an Organizing System:

My initial plan was to use a combination of Sterilite closet drawers and the Michael Graves for Target 6-shelf organizer.  I tossed the idea of the shelf organizer because it had a bad smell that would not dissipate.  I actually tried a couple other styles and had a similar experience with the smell.

Initial plan for organizing closet

Attempting to remove stench from
closet shelves.  Also tried Febreze.
Nothing worked.

Actual Plan:  Four stackable Sterilite deep closet drawers (17″D x 143/4″W x 101/4″ H) will hold my clothes that are not hanging (on sale at Target, $9.49 each).  My shoes will be kept in boxes on a grey plastic storage shelf system that I spotted in Home Depot (was $24.92, but the display was the only one available, so I negotiated the price down to $15).  My belts will hang on belt racks on the inside corners of the closet ($1 each at Dollar Tree).  My scarves will hang on a few over-the-door hooks ($1 each at Dollar Tree).

Top:  Belts on two belt racks ($1 each)
Bottom L:  Scarves on over the door hooks ($1 each)
Bottom R: Shoe boxes on shelving from HD ($15)

Styling Out:

This room will also be my office, so I want it to look chic.


Shopping options in Target, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.
I like to take photos when I spot potential items especially in stores
that don’t have online stores.

Hubster installing faux wood blinds ($10.99 at Target)

I painted the walls plum swirl ($26/1gallon at Home Depot)
NB:  I had never painted walls before, but I do my
own nails, so how much harder could this be?

The Big Reveal:

The newly improved and organized closet.
L to R:  Cardigans, dresses (casual, dressy, work), blazers.
Target Home window panel ($24.99) on a rod ($9.99) add
a chic alternative to closet doors.

Shoe rack on right.

Closet with window panel drawn.
The chair ($129.99 at TJ Maxx) will actually be at my desk.
I am looking for a a padded bench in the same color family.

My smaller handbags are in this recycled basket via

TJ maxx ($19.99).  My larger totes are stored flat

(in their storage bags) on the stackable closet

 drawers in the closet.

Wide view of the closet/dressing room side of my multi-purpose room

That’s it!

More on home decor:

1.  Discount art framing at Michaels
2.  Home decor, off-price stores

Discount Art Framing at Michaels

Over the years, I have accumulated some special pieces of art.  Most of them were acquired outside of the country, so I was always forced to return with unframed prints because they are easier to travel with.

I shopped around for quite some time in search of custom framing services for these prints and was stunned by the quotes I received (to the tune of hundreds of dollars).  I needed an alternative and found that solution in Michaels Stores.

Michaels stores have an extensive collection of frames and frame products (from matting to the hanging hooks).  I am fond of Michaels because the retail prices on its frames are quite reasonable, about $29.99 for a 16×18.  But, get this.  Michaels frequently offers 40% off frames and custom frames (and sometimes the entire store).  And, you know that is when I buy.

1.  Framework done by me using frames, matting, and hooks purchased at Michaels.

Frame and matting via Michaels.
Frame purchased for about $15 (after 40%).

Same frame and same deal as above.
Same frame and deal as above.

Another frame style via Michaels.  About $15 each (after 40% off)

2.  Custom framing done at Michaels

Custom frame via Michaels.  This is a very large print and it presented
a challenge for me to frame it on my own.  So, I went to Michaels
and got 40% off a custom frame job.  The final price was just over $100.
The quote I got from other art framing stores was too vulgar to even
mention here.

Home Decor, Off-Price Stores

I made a major move a few days ago, and I am now a bit consumed by the not-so-fun job of unpacking.  As I remove things from boxes, I am beginning to notice a trend.  I have purchased most of my favorite chic and unique home decor items at discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods.

Here are a few of those discount store purchases in rooms that are almost complete.

Living Room:

Accent chairs can be so expensive.  I found these two super chic leather chairs in TJ Maxx for $79.99.  The table at the center is from Marshalls ($19.99) and it is quite reminiscent of a very popular and very expensive style at West Elm.

Leather chairs via TJ Maxx ($79.99 each)
Table via Marshalls ($19.99)
Vase via Marshalls ($8.99)

Here is a snapshot of the home entertainment area (tv stand and two leaning bookcases).  The arrows highlight items purchased in either Marshalls or TJ Maxx

Home entertainment center.  Highlighted items purchased
in Marshalls or TJ Maxx

1. Several woven baskets via Marshalls ($7.99 – $14.99)
2.  iBoom jukebox via TJ Maxx ($99.99, retail $199.99)

Soapstone bookends via TJ Maxx ($7.99)
I bought every single one of these the store had.


I purchase everything from my deep pocket sheets to accent furniture for the bedrooms in discount stores.

1. Comforter set (including shams and bedskirt not shown)
via Marshalls (clearance $39.99)
2.  Accent pillows via Marshalls (about $9.99 each)
3.  Accent chair via Home Goods ($79.99)
4. Bamboo lamp via Marshalls ($14.99)

Bamboo lamp up close.
$14.99 at Marshalls.

Accent chair up close.  $79.99 at Home Goods

Wicker basket set via Marshalls (clearance $20).
Includes laundry basket, garbage, and 3 baskets
that usually hold my toiletries in the bathroom.

Wall Hangings:

I have purchased various wall hangings at discount stores.

Art via Marshalls ($59.99).  This hangs in my husband’s office

Art via Marshalls (clearance $15)

Metal wall hanging via Marshalls ($19.99).
I own 4 of these, each with a different
color combination.  I had to shop a few stores
to acquire them.

Abstract metal wall hanging via TJ Maxx ($19.99)

Mod geometric mirror via Home Goods ($39.99)


In addition to the red bamboo vase above, I have a few other vases from Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  Here is a favorite that is usually on the dining table.

Vase via TJ Maxx ($9.99)

Coming Soon:

1.  Frames and custom frames for special artwork at discounted prices from Michaels.
2.  A small closet solution on a budget.  

Where It All Begins

Ok ok. I received a reader request to post about my closet. I hesitated for a quick second only because I moved last summer and while I love most things about the new house, like the brick wall in the kitchen (my blog wall), the house severely lacks closet space! To accommodate my wardrobe, I had to get creative with a spare bedroom, transforming it into a closet/office. It is still a work in progress.

My first step was to expand the space of the tiny closet in that room by using a closet doubler ($7.96 at Walmart). Then, starting at the left, I hung three-quarter sleeve tops, tees, tanks, and then camis. In each category, items are clustered by color. On the lower rack, from left to right, are long-sleeve shirts, skirts, and shorts, also clustered by color. I hang my dresses, and long pants in the right corner space not occupied by the closet doubler. I also removed the closet door for easy viewing.

Next, I searched for a cabinet for additional storage. My search ended at the back of my house where a neighbor dumped an old cabinet. Now, this cabinet was clearly garbage with its hideous cork finish, awful glass doors, and the ugliest knobs ever. But, I saw potential. A good cleaning, some paint, and a screw driver (to remove the doors) was all that was needed to transform my neighbor’s trash into a treasure.

Once I knocked the cabinet into shape, it became the perfect place to store my sweaters which are folded in stacks sorted by color. My handbags are housed in the lower shelves of the new cabinet.

Next stop—my shoes. Two stackable wooden shelves ($9.99 each at Target) provide a great storage solution for my shoes. I store my favorite and most frequently worn pairs on these shelves. Strapped for space, my special occasion sandals have to be kept in an over-the-door organizer ($5 at walmart).

Ok. What did I forget? My belts are not visible because they are tucked away on hooks along the closet doubler. My scarves, I’ve got to see; so, I got a wall hanger ($1 at Dollar Tree) to display them.

So there it is—my closet. It is not perfect, but it is functional, making it easier for me to put looks together.