How To Run Errands In Style This Holiday Season

No surprise. Here at Economy of Style, we think that style is important. We believe that how we assemble outfits communicates something about us, which is inherently personally satisfying. Our style says something about how we think. So, even when running errands, we want that message to be clear and accurate. What’s the struggle then? Balancing comfort with our styles. It’s totally doable though. Keep reading for my errand style formula.

errand style

What I’m wearing:

Coat c/o | Striped top | Jeans c/o | Bag | Ankle boots c/o | Ear Climbers

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette | Lip: Urban Decay “Cherry” lipstick

Wear Chic Separates As Comfortable As Sweats

I own 3 pairs of jeans that are as stretchy and comfortable as sweats. The thing is these jeans look ten times as chic and more polished than my best sweats. Furthermore, rocking separates makes it easy to hit that fitting room in Tarjayt (or wherever) even though you didn’t intend to shop for yourself nor shop for clothing. You know it’s going to happen, so be ready.

Slip On Shoes You Can Stand Or Walk In All Day

Nothing ruins an outfit (or your entire day) quicker than a pair of shoes that hurt. Ouch. So, for errands, I reach for a sharp pair of sneakers, worn-in flats, or in this case, a super stylish pair of ankle boots. These booties are sharp with a modern silhouette. The best part, though, is they’re super comfortable right out of the box.

Add A Bright layer

It’s me. You know I couldn’t resist adding something bright to my errand style. This belted coat is a favorite because its Butterscotch color is so cheerful. The coat is also super soft. It feels like you’re wearing a hug. Since it’s belted, it’s easy to put on and take off too.

Reach For A Crossbody Bag For Handsfree Movements

If you’re busy running errands, chances are your hands are busy too. Nothing beats a crossbody bag when you need to move handsfree. See this Louis Vuitton Croisette wallet on chain also worn here and here.

What’s your errand style?

Go-To Pieces For Errand Style:


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  1. November 7, 2018 / 11:33 pm

    Such great tips! Thanks for sharing this post! I love how you added a bright coat to make the overall outfit more fun and fashionable!

    • November 9, 2018 / 8:16 am

      Thanks, Morgan! I appreciate you stopping by.