How To Ease Leopard Print Into Your Fall Style

I’m a fan of loud leopard prints. The bolder, the better. As you can imagine, I’m beyond thrilled that the print is dominating fall trends. I wasn’t always as brave when it came to embracing the print though. Shocking, right? If you’re hesitant, I’m here to tell you that you can rock it too. And, an easy way to work it into your style is with accessories. My favorite leopard print accessories at the moment are fab pairs of leopard print shoes.

leopard print accessories

What I’m wearing:

Top | Pants | Pumps (option, option) | Bag | Earrings | Watch

My leopard print pumps are an old J.Crew Elsie style (see J.Crew’s latest leopard print shoes here). They’ve mostly taken a backseat to other pumps in my wardrobe. But, this fall, they shall be getting all the shine they deserve.

Top looks familiar? It’s my Enin top seen before here. The balloon sleeves and cinched waist make this top an easy choice. By the way, you should definitely check out the small, black-owned boutique where I found it. Grab a special code to get 10% off your purchase (click here for the code).

Shop leopard print accessories:


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