6 Exciting Discoveries Halfway Through the Year

Well, we’re 6 months into 2018, and I’ve been plying away as usual. I figured I’d take a pause for a minute and reflect on 6 exciting discoveries or new activities I’ve made so far.

1. Bike-sharing

Bike-sharing finally rolled into St. Louis in April this year. I quickly became a fan of Lime Bike because I enjoy the freedom to ride a bike whenever I want without the commitment of owning one.

exciting discoveries

2. Co-working spaces

I’ve been curious about co-working spaces because I sometimes miss the community of an office space. Exploring Spaces (see more here) was a great experience. It’s good to know I have access to that kind of community at will.

3. Recommitment to color

Spring 2018 has reignited my love of color and vibrant prints. Yass! See my brightest favorites here.

4. The power of DNA

I gained important insights about my skin when I did a DNA skin care analysis last year (more on that here). When I learned, then, about a DNA healthy weight analysis, I got in on that too.

5. Minimal fine jewelry

Since cutting my hair last year, I’ve been slowly phasing out statement jewelry from my collection. Shocking, right? I’ve been replacing those pieces with minimal fine jewelry that stands out in its own way. See my current favorites and where to get them here.

6. The joys of phototoshoots with mom

A couple years ago, I needed a photograph of my mom and me. I was disappointed that I didn’t have a recent one. So, every time I travel home, I plan to take photos of and with my mom. See our last shoot here, then read the important style lessons I learned from my mom here.

What exciting discoveries have you made during the first half of 2018?


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