4 Important Things I’ve Learned about my Body from DNA

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I’m turning 40 year this. One major goal I have as I count down to that milestone age is to feel the best I’ve ever felt. I’ve been stepping up my health and fitness goals. I’ve shared how I’ve been using technology to target and keep track of my fitness progress (see that post here). Last year, I was so blown away by the insights I gained about my skin (and its severe sensitivities) from a HomeDNA skin analysis. When I was given the opportunity to learn more about my body from a HomeDNA Healthy Weight Analysis, then, I seized the opportunity. And, just like my skin experience, I was floored by the insights I gained.

Before, I delve into what I learned, you must know how easy HomeDNA makes it to gather a sample. You receive a kit with an instruction booklet. The first step is setting up an online account using the code assigned to your kit. Doing so allows you to retrieve your results later. Then, using the four swabs included in the kit, you gather samples from inside your mouth. It’s as easy as swiping up and down. Next, you toss the swabs into the included sample envelope. Just like that, you’re on your way to insights about your body.

HomeDNA Healthy Weight Analysis

4 Things I’ve Learned about my Body from a HomeDNA Healthy Weight Analysis

1. My weight loss ability is below average. Yikes! Apparently, my body’s ability to lose weight from a program of regular diet and exercise is below average.

2. The optimal diet for me would balance complex carbohydrates with plant-based fats and proteins. I was particularly intrigued by the emphasis on plant-based sources for proteins and fats because I’ve been vegan for the last 10 years, and I’ve always felt like it was the best diet for me.

3. My DNA results indicate I have a higher risk of having low levels of key micronutrients. Some of these include B12 and vitamin D. As a vegan, I’ve been mindful about getting those nutrients since they do no not naturally occur in a typical vegan diet. Now, I’ll probably pay special attention to ensuring I get them.

4. My body’s response to strength training is enhanced but below average for cardio. Wow! When I introduced strength training, and I’m talking about serous lifting, into my fitness routine, my body completely transformed. So, this result is a kind of confirmation.

Now, the insights I shared today are only a snippet of what I received in my 30 page analysis. I received a detailed breakdown of results in 4 major categories, recommended diet plans, and even ideal workout regimens. Would you like this kind of information? Get $50 off your HomeDNA Healthy Weight Kit (making it a total of $69) using the code HW50 until 4/30.


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