Mind-Blowing Results from my HomeDNA Skin Care Analysis

My skin care routine for most of my life has been “try not to irritate your skin.” When my skin becomes irritated, it’s an agonizing and often scarring journey back to calm. I have eczema and contact dermatitis. Over the years, I’ve learned what to avoid to keep my skin calm. My skin sensitivity has dominated my routine so much that I’ve often neglected other important aspects of skin care.

In 2017, I wanted more for my skin, so I revisited an esthetician whom I trusted. I did everything she said, and I’ve been having the best skin year. I wanted to better understand why. So, when I learned about a breakthrough test that uses DNA for a beauty-centered skin care analysis, I was eager to try it. Enter HomeDNA Skin Care.

HomeDNA Skin Care

HomeDNA Skin Care

The HomeDNA Skin Care Analysis examines 28 genetic markers in 7 categories related to skin aging. The kits are available in CVS stores for $24.99. You pay an additional $79 for the lab fee. Alternatively, you can purchase the entire package directly from HomeDNA.com for $99.99.

Easy At-home Testing

The actual at-home process is easy. You start by setting up an online account using the code assigned to your kit. Doing so facilitates the retrieval of results later. Then, using the four swabs included in the kit, you gather samples from inside your mouth. No need to worry about messing this up because the directions are very clear. Next, you toss the swabs into the included sample envelope.

Once I secured my samples in the provided envelope, I put them in the postage paid envelope and put the package in the mail immediately. A few weeks later, my results were back.

My HomeDNA Skin Care Results

The HomeDNA Skin Care Analysis examines 28 genetic markers in 7 categories: Fine lines and wrinkles, collagen quality, skin sensitivity, pigmentation, sun protection, skin elasticity, and skin antioxidants. In each category, the report provides a scale, ranging from non-ideal to optimal, as well as a gene profile summarizing the results. Another cool feature of the report is the recommendation guidelines. Based on your DNA results, you’re given several recommendations including the most effective topical ingredients, supplemental ingredients, and possible professional treatments.

In 4 of 7 categories (pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, skin elasticity, and skin antioxidants), I had standard to optimal results. Some of those categories, like pigmentation, weren’t surprising, while others, like skin elasticity, were a relief. The other 3 categories, however, revealed some non-ideal markers.

I was most curious about skin sensitivity. And, no surprise, my skin sensitivity results were non-ideal. I carry some of the gene variations that cause unwanted skin sensitivity. The results here were so confirming, pointing to my known fragrance, ingredient, and environmental sensitivities. The recommended guidelines also confirmed why I’d been having such amazing results with my new skin care routine. I’ve been using the most effective ingredients based on my DNA.

My esthetician and every dermatologist I’ve ever visited have cautioned me to take sun protection seriously. I hadn’t heeded that warning until this year because I’m allergic to chemical sunblocks. I’ve since started using natural sunblock, and my skin is grateful. Well, my sun protection report showed I have a gene variation that weakens my skin’s natural protection against the sun, and that zinc oxide (the key ingredient in natural sunblock) is best for me.

Overall, I had so many ah-ha moments reading through this report. More importantly, I now have a clear and intentioned plan for my skin and its care. And, I can feel confident in the choices I make for my skin.

Disclosure: My HomeDNA Skin Care kit was provided free of charge for review purposes. All of the opinions, ideas, and photographs are my own.


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