Economy of Style: A Year in Review

It’s been an exciting year for Economy of Style.  2013 has been a crucial year for building the blog and exploring new opportunities.  As you may have noticed, some of the notable developments on the blog include improved image quality and a new site design.  Your feedback and support has been essential in every new venture, and I’m thankful for you visiting, commenting, and sharing the content I produced.

Today’s post takes a look back at a few highlights from the year:

New Look.  Economy of Style underwent a minor facelift.  I adopted a new logo and overall cleaner template to improve your viewing experience.  I’ve also focused on improving image quality by purchasing a prime lens with a large aperture that allows for beautiful defocusing effects.

Economy of Style, New Look in 2013

Press Appearances.  It’s been an honor this year to be recognized by local and national magazines, including Redbook and Alive.  With your help, I was also voted the 2013 Best Budget Blog during Saint Louis Fashion Week.  I appreciate your support.  I also want to say a special thank you to Sally of Already Pretty for reading and often sharing my content with her readers.

Economy of Style in the Press 2013
Visit the Economy of Style Press Page for links to all press appearances.

Event Coverage.  It’s been a really good year to be a fashion blogger in St. Louis.  The fashion landscape in the Lou is rapidly expanding, from new store openings to runway shows during Saint Louis Fashion Week.  As a blogger, I’ve had the privilege of gaining insider access to many events.  I’ve enjoyed exploring these new opportunities and sharing them with you.

Economy of Style Event Coverage 2013 b
Photos:  Vincent Longo Beauty Event, STLFW Industry Night, West Elm Opening
More event coverage in St. Louis:  Economy of Style on the Scene

I wish you a most stylish 2014.  Let’s connect again in the new year. 


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