4 Cool Styling Tips For Your Matching Outfits

It’s no secret. I love a matching outfit. You saw me style my current favorite  two-piece set 4 different ways (see that post here). Well, I’ve since purchased another one. I deemed this new set a valuable addition because the color/print as well as the wide leg trousers add something fresh to my wardrobe. Follow along for 4 styling tips I rely on to make sure my matching outfits don’t overwhelm me.

two piece matching outfit

What I’m Wearing:

Matching outfit (Shirt | Bottom) | Sandals

1. Pay special attention to fit.

This particular matching outfit is from Pretty Little Thing (get $30 off your first order of $80 or more with my code). I’ve consistently been a size 2 on top and size 4 on the bottom. In this matching outfit, though, I needed a 6 on the bottom. Also, the pants were initially way too long on me, so I altered them. Improving the overall fit, improved the overall look.

matching outfit

2. Adjust the sleeves to suit the style situation

Simply choosing to roll up the sleeves on a blouse changes the vibe. Cuffing can make an outfit more casual and even more hip. So, roll ’em up when the situation calls for it.

matching outfit

3. Break up the print on your set by knotting the top

Feeling overwhelmed by a print-on-print set? You have many options for breaking up the print. One of my favorites is knotting the top to allow a peek at the midriff. It’s subtly sexy and lets people see that your outfit isn’t a jumpsuit and actually comprises two separate pieces.

matching outfit

4. Create a plunging neckline

I love sets with button-up blouses. That little details offers all kinds of styling opportunities. One of those is the chance to create a plunging neckline. Perhaps you want to show off your layered necklaces or just show a little skin, leaving a few buttons undone is a neat styling trick.

matching outfit

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