How To Transition Your Winter Wardrobe For Spring

This post is sponsored by Kindred, a collective boutique located at West County Center.

Feeling the urge to adorn yourself in spring attire but still facing dreadful winter weather? I feel you. Me too. There are cool ways to ease spring flavor into your winter style though. And, I’m rounding up my top 3 in this post.

1. Mix spring hues with your favorite winter colors

I was so thrilled to see all the new spring arrivals when I visited Kindred recently. Do yourself a favor and stop by. I was drawn to the bright pink, orange, and yellow items throughout the store. I was also smitten by the rich jewel tones of the winter items in stock. So, I decided to experiment by blending a beautiful rust sweater I found from Addi & Ains, one of 7 featured boutiques at Kindred, with a brighter pair of pants, also available at Kindred.

Ready to ease into Spring? Try blending a bright with a winter hue.

What I’m wearing:

Wide collar sweater via Kindred (only $54) | Pleated trousers via Kindred (only $44.99)

Fendi wrappy scarf (exact style here) | Eyes: Urban Decay “Naked Cherry” palette | Nails: Essie

2. Ease spring accessories into your style

The twilly/wrappy/neckerchief is one of spring’s IT accessories. And, since scarves and winter go together, you might as well start rocking one with your winter style. It’s totally appropriate and adds a little spring flavor.

3. Play with textures

I love how warm and cozy this wide collar sweater from Kindred boutique is. The pants, on the other hand, have a lightweight, silky fabric that balances the weight of the top. So, the overall look is a little bit spring and a little bit winter.

Location: Cafe Ventana, St. Louis

Be sure to support local STL by shopping right-on-trend styles at Kindred boutique at West County Center. See more of my Kindred finds here, here, and here.


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