A Super Stylish Way To Wear Leggings

I don’t know why leggings have such a bad a reputation. I know you’ve heard it too, “tights is not pants!” True that. But, leggings can add a chic, functional layer to an outfit when styled the right way. And, they’re comfortable. Today, my black leggings are helping me restyle this old shirt dress and make it work in fall weather.

black leggings

What I’m wearing:

Coat (sold out, option) | Dress (option) | Belt | Leggings | Booties (option)

What I love most about layering is it allows you get creative with old favorites in your closet. This striped shirt dress, for example, feels brand new when worn open and belted over a pair of leggings.

By the way, if you’ve been considering getting this Gucci Web elastic belt with torchon Double G buckle, a brighter alternative to the classic black/gold belt, I have to say that I’ve found it so wearable. Want evidence? I’m wearing it here, here, here, here, and here. It’s always adds a touch of luxury to an outfit. Today’s featured dress was under $20 and looks so much sharper with this belt instead of the self-tie belt it came with.

My Favorite Stores For Black Leggings:


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