Round and Round: The Best, Affordable Circle Bags

The circle bag has been in heavy circulation since last winter. Remember my favorite picks last season to nail the circle bags trend? I’ve actually been a little slow to fully embrace the trend. That was until I spotted the Rebecca Minkoff straw circle bag and couldn’t imagine my spring and summer life without one. Isn’t it funny how that sometimes happens?

Chances are there’s a circle bag out there with your name on it too. If you like fun bags, I’m pretty sure I have your next bag in this post. Check out my favorite styles that just happen to be quite affordable.

Circle bags trend

Shop the circle bags trend:

1. Yellow bag | 2. Small straw bag | 3. Stripe bag | 4. Big straw bag

5. Fruit punch bag | 6. Polka dot bag | 7. Light purple bag



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