Make Your Workout Style Fabulous And Functional

I really got my workout groove back last year, which made it easy to jumpstart my 2018 fitness goals. Since I’ve been spending more time in the gym, I thought I deserved some new gear. New year, new gear, right? Naturally, my workout style reflects my overall style. More importantly, I like activewear that supports the activities that I perform when I’m in the gym. I look for high-performing pieces that are moisture wicking, soft, stretchy, and durable. Also, I only wear black in the gym because I sweat a lot, but I don’t like to look sweaty. Don’t ask, it’s just my thing. Lol.

Anyway, here are a few of my current favorite styles for the gym. I especially swear by Nike Flyknit trainers because they’re such a durable, all-around gym shoe. I’ve been buying them for years (see old faves here and here). This year, the sleek black on black style had me at first sight.

workout style

Fabulous and Functional Workout Style:

Support tank | Stripe capri | Nike Flyknit trainers | Cap | Water bottle


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