What’s in My Gym Bag

I’m obsessed with what’s in my bag posts. You too? I’ve already done a What’s in My All-Day Bag post and even a What’s in my Travel Bag post. Since it’s “gym season,” I thought it would be cool to share what’s typically in my gym bag. I’m currently carrying a Rebecca Minkoff nylon backpack to the gym. By the way, I found the backpack on clearance in Off 5th.

From my current favorite water bottle to the headbands I wear to keep sweat out of my eyes, here’s what’s in my gym bag:


What’s in my gym bag:

Nike Flyknits

Fitness gloves

Insulated water bottle

Goody headbands

Goody elastics

Paddle brush


Hand sanitizer

Hand lotion

Hair fragrance mist

Lip butter

Lip gloss

Small towel


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