Casual Friday: Greeting the Weekend in Cheerful Color

As I imagined, I’ve been taking advantage of the street art that came out of Paint Louis 2016. Today’s casual Friday style, anchored by my Zara green chinos, was inspired by another favorite mural along the St. Louis flood wall. This particular piece caught my eye because of its combination of colors and mosaic pattern.

Casual Friday Style Zara Chinos-1c

Denim jacket | Tube top | Green pants | Pumps (new style)

Choker (similar | sale option) | Ear Climbers


I’ve been reaching for my denim jacket a lot lately because it’s lightweight and goes with everything. And, no surprise, I love all things denim. Furthermore, the denim played to the beautiful blue hues in the mural.


I also drew inspiration for the rest of the look from the wall. The black along the cracked pattern gave me stripes while the hint of green prompted me to reach for those green pants. Furthermore, my older J.Crew Elsie pumps made with a colorful woven fabric echoed the effect of the mosaic pattern of the wall.


Remember this other look inspired by the street art?


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