The Essential Gift for Him

My husband is mostly low maintenance. He’s not impressed by some of the flashy things I like or the designer labels I’m drawn to. So, when I get him gifts, I focus on things that he needs, essentials I know he’ll use.

When Tessuti, the premium clothing, footwear, and accessories store, invited me to check out its ultimate gift box filled with “real man” essentials, I thought it sounded like something my man would actually like. This gift box represents a collaboration between Tessuti and Hugo Boss, and hence, it is filled with Hugo Boss goodies for men. Let’s peek inside.

The beautiful wooden box, no wrapping required, was packed with shaving accessories, a Hugo Boss T-shirt,  a Hugo Boss notebook, a Hugo Boss pocket square, a Tessuti pen, and a hip Tessuti flask. To no surprise, my husband reached for the notebook and pen first. He’s a writer who is obsessed with note taking.

Me though? I snatched the flask for myself. It’s so luxurious and much larger than the one it’ll replace. Haha.

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  1. September 15, 2015 / 8:42 pm

    I really need to check this out for my hubby. Our anniversary is coming up, this would make a great gift! Thank you for sharing! #BLMGirls