Style & Performance: Sweaty Betty Workout Wear

I’m so excited to introduce you to Sweaty Betty, a fitness clothing retailer with a 13-year history of ensuring that style meets performance in workout wear. I was first drawn to this UK-based brand because of the fashionable look of the clothing. What kept me interested, though, was the line’s reputation of offering only the highest quality fabrics and the latest technology for workout wear.

Last year, I made major fitness goals. I wanted to be stronger and healthier than ever before my birthday in October. I sought help from professionals, including a personal trainer who assisted me in developing a workout plan that would get me to my goals. This plan included everything from strength training to conditioning to deep stretching. As a result, I started spending a lot more time working out; and, this new schedule placed particular demands on my workout wardrobe.

I needed fitness clothing that was functional. Items had to be stretchy, breathable, moisture wicking, lightweight, durable, and supportive. Reasonable demands, right? I also wanted my workout clothing to look good. My style says something about me and that doesn’t change because I’m in the gym. I primarily wear black at the gym because I’m a heavy sweater who doesn’t like to look sweaty. I’m always on the search, then, for black workout wear with super stylish details.  Sweaty Betty’s offerings surpass my expectations.

Left: Halasana Yoga bra, Slider Training Tights

Right: Step Up Training VestCompression Distance Run Tights

These items are just a few of my favorites from Sweaty Betty. Super stylish gear that’ll get me through my workouts at peak performance. By the way, the line carries all kinds of activewear, including yoga clothing, running attire, and beach wear. So, if you’re shopping for fitness clothing, Sweaty Betty might have just what you’re looking for.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sweaty Betty. All of the opinions and ideas expressed are my own.


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