Why You Need To Visit Memphis During Memphis Fashion Week

I just returned to St. Louis from Memphis. I had a unique opportunity to experience Memphis Fashion Week, a well-established set of events that showcases the best work by Memphis and regional designers. I had such an amazing experience, and I think you would too. So, I’m sharing my top 5 reasons why you should plan your trip to Memphis during fashion week there.

Why You Need To Visit Memphis During Memphis Fashion Week
1. Fashion Night Out

Fashion Night Out offers a fun opportunity to see and shop the creations of local makers and designers.

Memphis Fashion Week

So, grab your squad and head to Fashion Night Out. This year it was held at Crosstown Concourse, a striking architectural space that was perfect for the swanky event.

Photographed with Mary Conley, Kim Thomas, Tania Cascilla, and Anne Merrill Jones

2. Soak Up Memphis Culture During the Day

You can explore all the culture and experiences that Memphis has to offer during the day. From fine dining to barbecue, Memphis has a wide array of food options. I even found a vegan haven at the City Silo Table + Pantry.

Recover with a spa day at the Gould’s Salon Spa. Refresh your mani and pedi or get a massage.

Put the finishing touches on your fashion week style by shopping the boutiques at the Laurelwood Shopping Center.

Give yourself time to browse the National Civil Rights Museum.

3. Get inspired by street style–the southern way!

Fashion week events draw the most stylish people in any city. And, Memphis style mavens show up and show out during Memphis Fashion Week. You simply gotta be a witness.

Memphis Fashion Week

4. See Top Designers from the Region at Featured Designer Presentations

This year’s Memphis Fashion Week featured 7 super talented designers–Jodi Brewer, Tanganika by Tangie, Demi BLVCK Designs, This is Sloane, Tiena, Siss Viss, and The R. Gene. Want to see the designs in motion on the runway? I got you. Check out my MFW highlight on my Gram (go here).

Memphis Fashion Week

5. Support the Future of Fashion Ingenuity at the Emerging Designer Show

Memphis Fashion Week’s Emerging Memphis Designer Project (EMDP) is a program that strives to develop emerging designers and give them a platform to showcase their work. A selected cohort of designers spend 7 months fine-tuning their skills. You simply must see the work that came out of this year’s cohort. Check out my MFW highlight on the Gram (go here).

Disclosure: I was invited to experience Memphis Fashion Week by the Memphis Fashion Design Network. As always, all opinions are my own. Professional photographs taken by Christen Jones Photography

Fun Facts: 10 Things I’m Surprisingly Cheap On

Y’all already know that your girl loves a good deal. At the same time, there are items I’d splurge on without hesitation. There are also a few things that I absolutely hate spending money on. My resistance to spend even anything on some things is sometimes contradictory to the way I live. Just for fun, I’m sharing the top 10 things I’m surprisingly cheap on.

1. Online shipping. I never pay for shipping! I’d prefer to walk away from a cart filled with merchandise valued at $200 because of a $5.95 shipping fee. I just can’t do it.


2. Wrapping paper. Tis the season of giving. But, when you get a gift from me, it’ll come cutely wrapped in newspaper or the box the item arrived in. I don’t like spending money on wrapping paper that we’re just going to tear anyway. Don’t judge me.


3. Packing boxes. Whenever I get stuff for my family, I have to ship it because they live abroad. I refuse to spend money on packing boxes when stores just throw them away. I’m a regular box collector at my neighborhood Dollar Tree. I even get them out of the dumpster sometimes. Don’t worry, there’s a special garbage just for the boxes.

4. Eyebrow/lash brushes. Fortunately, I got a huge supply of these from my aesthetician after my lash extensions. What I usually do, though, is grab a few of those brushes when I’m at my favorite beauty store. They are there for our use, right?

5. Makeup brushes. Yes, I do own a few bougie brushes from Mac, but I promise I acquired those under special circumstances. All of my other brushes are from Elf. They work for me, so why spend more than $1 to $3?


6. Shoes. I know what you’re thinking. I do have a fab collection of shoes. What you don’t alway see is how I painstakingly negotiate the prices down on those pumps. Price adjustments. Compound discounts. You name it! I’m famous for scratching and scuffing shoes (often on the first wear), so I resist paying full price.


7. New skincare products. In my defense, I have sensitive skin, and I need to try products for a few days before I’m certain they won’t irritate my skin. So, I stock up on samples at beauty counters before spending my own coins.


8. Registry gifts. I refuse to purchase gifts for people from their registries. I know, it sounds awful. But, doesn’t it often seem like people don’t even know what they really need? I prefer to just give gift cards or money.


9. Fast Fashion. I can walk into Anthropologie and spend $200 on a jacket. But, I’d be offended if I walked into Forever 21, and they wanted to charge more than $20 for a jacket. No, boo!

10. Movies. You often see my outfits from my movie date nights. Well, I should really describe those as date afternoons because I can’t even stay awake in a movie at night. So, I convince my husband to go to the matinee. It’s way cheaper too.