Fun Facts: 10 Things I’m Surprisingly Cheap On

Y’all already know that your girl loves a good deal. At the same time, there are items I’d splurge on without hesitation. There are also a few things that I absolutely hate spending money on. My resistance to spend even anything on some things is sometimes contradictory to the way I live. Just for fun, I’m sharing the top 10 things I’m surprisingly cheap on.

1. Online shipping. I never pay for shipping! I’d prefer to walk away from a cart filled with merchandise valued at $200 because of a $5.95 shipping fee. I just can’t do it.


2. Wrapping paper. Tis the season of giving. But, when you get a gift from me, it’ll come cutely wrapped in newspaper or the box the item arrived in. I don’t like spending money on wrapping paper that we’re just going to tear anyway. Don’t judge me.


3. Packing boxes. Whenever I get stuff for my family, I have to ship it because they live abroad. I refuse to spend money on packing boxes when stores just throw them away. I’m a regular box collector at my neighborhood Dollar Tree. I even get them out of the dumpster sometimes. Don’t worry, there’s a special garbage just for the boxes.

4. Eyebrow/lash brushes. Fortunately, I got a huge supply of these from my aesthetician after my lash extensions. What I usually do, though, is grab a few of those brushes when I’m at my favorite beauty store. They are there for our use, right?

5. Makeup brushes. Yes, I do own a few bougie brushes from Mac, but I promise I acquired those under special circumstances. All of my other brushes are from Elf. They work for me, so why spend more than $1 to $3?


6. Shoes. I know what you’re thinking. I do have a fab collection of shoes. What you don’t alway see is how I painstakingly negotiate the prices down on those pumps. Price adjustments. Compound discounts. You name it! I’m famous for scratching and scuffing shoes (often on the first wear), so I resist paying full price.


7. New skincare products. In my defense, I have sensitive skin, and I need to try products for a few days before I’m certain they won’t irritate my skin. So, I stock up on samples at beauty counters before spending my own coins.


8. Registry gifts. I refuse to purchase gifts for people from their registries. I know, it sounds awful. But, doesn’t it often seem like people don’t even know what they really need? I prefer to just give gift cards or money.


9. Fast Fashion. I can walk into Anthropologie and spend $200 on a jacket. But, I’d be offended if I walked into Forever 21, and they wanted to charge more than $20 for a jacket. No, boo!

10. Movies. You often see my outfits from my movie date nights. Well, I should really describe those as date afternoons because I can’t even stay awake in a movie at night. So, I convince my husband to go to the matinee. It’s way cheaper too.


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  1. December 3, 2016 / 10:54 am

    Hahaha…:-) These are very fun facts about you and very good tips too. Also, I can relate to them because there is always a good feeling when I get a good deal on anything. I save money on shipping these days by having the items shipped to my local store and I just drive to pick them up. I have purchased make-up from Elf and other dollar Aisle before when I needed to try-out and learn some make-up application technique. Also, giving money and gift cards is what I do most times for friends because; seriously, there is no time to waste checking out gift registries! Ha ha!…Lol.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • December 3, 2016 / 9:21 pm

      Hahahaha. How cool. We have so much in common then.