Rung For Women’s Big Move to Empower St. Louis

I visited Rung for Women’s new campus last week, and it was immediately clear to me that Rung believes that when women do better, St. Louis does better. Rung for Women is a non-profit that plans to provide holistic support to women wanting to pursue their dreams and thrive doing just that. Its first cohort of members is launching in March 2021, so if you or someone you know could benefit from this experience, get an application in (apply here).

2020 has been a year of unmasking social atrocities, from the diminished value some place on Black lives to the illuminating barriers that women face in our world. Rung for Women’s approach is to face all the tough stuff with a supportive, strength-based, woman-focused plan for change. I respect that.

Rung for women

I’ve had the privilege of making risky moves in my life that have yielded big rewards. I was only able to make those moves because I was surrounded by support and safety nets at every step of the way. But for that support, I may have never been able to walk in my purpose against all odds. I’ve mentioned recently that digital content creation sparked an interest in software engineering. Well, with some strong counsel from my most trusted person, I took a leap into that field. What I’ve accomplished in the last 6 months is beyond my own imagination. To think, I was a young woman who started college having barely ever used a computer. Now, I build apps.

What I love about Rung’s program is that it aims to ensure that every one of its members can tap into her potential and achieve goals even when unimaginable. It does so by first reducing major barriers, from child care to food security to healthcare. Doing so gives its empowerment model space to work, space to allow women to dream and to pursue those dreams. And, the only cost to its women members? Sweat equity and time. Members get access to every amenity offered by Rung at no financial cost.

Rung for women

Member Eligibility

There are some requirements to become a member. You must be at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma/GED, make $50K (personal, not household income) or less, have at least a 6-month work history, and be able to get to the Fox Park campus. Submit applications here.

Rung for women

Did I mention how impressed I was by the campus? I saw a state of the art kitchen that’ll have a chef. I saw a coffee bar. There was a gym, a community garden, a childcare center, meditation rooms, private coaching suites, a health center. I could go on because there’s so much more, but it’s truly the kind of space you have to experience to understand my excitement for what’s about to happen at Rung for Women. Visit the site here for more information.

Location: Rung for Women, Fox Park, St. Louis


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