Skincare In The Days Of A Pandemic

It’s such a trying time for our world right now. Covid-19, now a pandemic, is not only disrupting lives and livelihoods but also taking lives. My heart goes out to you all because loss can have such a lasting hold. It’s been hard to proceed with business as usual. So, I thought I would check in today and share a few of things I’m doing to achieve a sense of calm amid the chaos that’s largely out of our control.

Last fall, I met an aesthetician and the founder of the skincare company, SoapLife360. I was so intrigued by her view of skincare as an important ritual not simply a regimen. On most days, I just go through the motions to make sure my skin gets what it needs. In times like we’re facing right now, though, I have a special appreciation for her slow, mindful approach. And, I can literally feel a shift in my vibe by starting and ending my days with a skincare ritual.

In today’s post, I want to highlight a couple sets I’m loving right now from SoapLife360. And, I got coupon codes if you find something you could use from the company as well.

Coupon Codes:

EOS15  – 15% off your entire purchase

RITUAL20 –20% off  a 360 Cleansing Ritual Beauty Set

Skincare during pandemic

I’m especially fond of this Calm Set because it comes with 2 bars of soap that’ll cleanse away viruses without stripping your skin. No matter your skin type, you’ll love the handcrafted natural soaps and the nourishing body butter in this set. It even comes with a bonus soap dish (for a limited time). Simple clean ingredients that get the job done. That’s what you get with SoapLife360. By the way, this set is only $28 (before my coupon code).

Skincare during pandemic

Another favorite is the beauty set, featuring a Vogue Beauty Editor must-have, Aloe Mist (seen before here). Whether you need to reduce acne and blemishes, attain a glowing complexion, support collagen production, or restore you skin’s moisture barrier, this system can get it done. Also, we may not be doing much traveling now, but the set includes products in perfect TSA-approved sizes so we can take them anywhere we go.

Skincare during pandemic

I’ve been using this set exclusively since early February. Get this? That is my bare face below! I have dry, sensitive, hyperactive skin, so I follow the site’s recommended ritual for me. Want to know what your skin needs, check out all the recommendations here.

Skincare during pandemic

If you’re interested in making the clean beauty switch or simply want to expand your clean beauty favorites, I recommend SoapLife360. If you’re looking for ways to keep calm while loving your skin, follow @SoapLife360 on Instagram for insightful tips and video demonstrations.

This post is not sponsored. I did, however, receive my products free of charge for editorial purposes.


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