How To Always Find The Perfect Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda length shorts are all the rage for 2020. If you have a hard time finding the perfect length for you, I have an easy solution. DIY Bermuda shorts! It’s so easy. I swear.

DIY Bermuda shorts

What I’m wearing:

Top | DIY Bermuda shorts | Houndstooth tights | Trench coat | Combat boots (similar, option)

BagSunglasses (option) | Pearl hoop earrings | Lip: Pat McGrath “Elson”

I’m only 5’4″, so Bermuda shorts at the wrong length make my legs look non-existent. I’m very particular, then, about where I like the bottom of my Bermudas to hit my leg (right at the knee).

DIY Bermuda shorts

After searching with no luck for a pair in black, I decided to get crafty with an old pair pants. I decided on a length and simply cut the pants off with some sharp scissors. Since I like the look of rough edges, I opted not to hem the pants, so my job was done. Of course, if you want a more tailored look, hem them for sure.

DIY Bermuda shorts

Deciding on a length was easy this time around because I already had a perfect pair (see the jeans I cut off here). So, I just lined them up and cut my black pair to the exact same length.

By the way, if you’re on the market for some fun tights to jazz up your winter outfits, check Target. I’ve been loving the options by A New Day, and each pair is $10. I’ve purchased the featured houndstooth pair as well as some striking floral back tights.

DIY Bermuda shorts

Location: South Grand, St. Louis


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