The Flare Denim Trend Is Letting Loose This Year

This post is sponsored by Kindred, a collective boutique in West County Center.

No question. Denim styles are having a moment in 2019. That’s great news because jeans can be such a wardrobe staple, holding down some of the most reliable outfits. If you’re over skinny jeans, though, you’d be especially happy to hear that things are loosening up in the denim department. Yass! From bootcut to bell bottom, wide-leg jeans are back!

flare denim trend

What I’m wearing:

Shirt (similar) | Flare denim via Kindred | Clear backpack via Kindred | Sandals

flare denim trend

When I walked into Kindred and saw these high-rise, medium wash, flare jeans, I had a flashback to rocking bell bottoms in college. Those memories were all good too. You see, the right flare jeans can make you look leaner and taller in a flash.

flare denim trend

This pair by Brooke & Sloane (one of the featured boutiques carried in Kindred) made me feel snatched the minute I put them on. And, get this. In Kindred, these jeans are only $59, making it affordable to try to the flare denim trend.

flare denim trend

At only 5’4″, when I wear the flare denim trend, I add high-heeled sandals to elongate my legs. I like those sandals to be the right height and silhouette to give just a peek of the toe of the shoe and my skin at the bottom of the jeans.

flare denim trend

Medium wash denim always looks fantastic with white, so I opted for a classic combination with a little twist. The top is an old button-up blouse with full sleeves. To make it even more fresh, I draped the shirt off my shoulders.

You know what else? Clear accessories are popping up at Kindred as well. The clear accessories trend has proven that it’s not going anywhere. So, if you’re ready to put your life on display, Kindred has these backpack on sale for under $30. I couldn’t resist the challenge. When you rock a clear bag, what you put on the inside is important. You can use it show off your favorite wallet, a pouch, or to simply flaunt how well-organized the inside of your bag is.

I’ve been enjoying exploring spring’s hottest trends at Kindred Boutique. The prices there make it so easy to experiment and have fun with your style.

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