How To Blend Berry Hues For Spring

Plum, magenta, cabernet, berry hues are popular this spring. And, the good news is they look amazing together. To demonstrate, I’m blending up a few favorite berry hues in today’s color blocked ensemble.

berry hues

What I’m wearing:

Top | Pants (also here, on sale under $35) | Sandals (60% off) | Belt Bag

 Earrings (option, option)

I love a high-neck top, and any style really, that shows off the shoulders. So, when I saw this high neck cropped top ($16.90), I had to try it on. It was a wrap after that. It comes in six colors. I’m wearing it in the color plum in a size small.

Style tip: This particular top can easily accommodate a strapless bra. If you choose to go braless (like I did), check out my go-to nipple covers here. They’re reusable up to several wears and available in a perfect dark shade for black women.

I chose the plum top because I knew it would blend fabulously with all the other berry hues I have in my wardrobe.

To experiment, I paired the top with my high-rise magenta pants. The result was a beautiful tone-on-tone combination.

To play up the color in this look even further, I added a pair of cabernet sandals. Nice addition, right? I’m really thrilled to see how well the sandals complement these colors. I purchased the sandals (60% off here) to wear with something very specific, and I was concerned about how well they would go with the rest of my wardrobe. You see, I usually only wear colors like cabernet in the fall and winter, so a sandal in the color didn’t make immediate sense. It does now.

Location: Midtown, St. Louis


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