How To Shop Fairs And Festivals Like A Pro

I was reflecting recently on how obtained these pants. I purchased them on the last day of Festival of Nations (a multicultural celebration in St. Louis). By waiting until the last hours of the final day of the festival, I was able to negotiate for a very low price. So, today’s post shares my top fair and festival shopping tips to get what you love for the best prices.

festival shopping

What I’m Wearing:

Tank | Pants (festival buy) | Sandals (option) | Hat (optionoption) | Hoops (option)

1. Shop on the last day of the event to get the best deals

Most vendors don’t want to pack up a lot of unsold merchandise. So, near the end of an event, they are even more willing to negotiate prices to avoid the hassle of taking lots of merchandise back home. That’s how I got these pants and two dresses (see one of the dresses here) for the initial price of the pants alone.

2. Browse all of your options

I shop this particular festival for African print merchandise. There are several booths offering similar items. I make sure I give myself enough time to survey my options, compare styles and prices.

3. Know what you want and what you love

Festivals can be overwhelming because there are many vendors offering lots of fabulous stuff. Shop with a list or a particular need in mind. When you have the opportunity to get something that you love, get it.

Do you enjoy festival shopping? What’s your approach to tackling them?


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