Spring Showers: How to Dress on a Rainy Day

Is it just me, or have raincoats gotten increasingly stylish this year? I’ve seen a few fabulous styles that scream, “don’t let downpours drench your style, just put me on!” So, I’m taking heed. Today’s rainy day style is inspired by a raincoat, the J.Crew rain jacket. Just so you know, this jacket is also available in a rich gold and navy. Ultimately, it won my attention because it beautifully balances function and fashion with its figure-flattering silhouette and water-resistant fabric.

Talking about rainy day essentials, are you excited about the Hunter for Target collaboration? It launches on April 14th. The collection will offer Hunter boots, clothing and more at Target prices. That ought to be worth a look, right?


rainy day style

Rainy Day Style Essentials:

Raincoat | Tee | Jeans | Umbrella | Rain boots

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