January Favorites: 5 Ways to Style Black in the Winter

I love wearing bright colors all year long, especially during the winter (see more on that here, here, and here). But, I have a solid appreciation for the smart, sophisticated appeal of black outfits too. I also know that rocking black can be as fun as wearing my more cheerful outfits. Here are 5 ways I take black clothing from safe to super stylish.

1. Play with texture

So you like to mix and match? Me too! Take rocking all black to new style heights by mixing black separates in luxe textures like velvet, jacquard, and leather. See the original post here. Shop the jacquard jacket on sale here and the belt here.

black clothing

2. Mix a graphic print with black solids

Adding a graphic print, especially a black and white one, to solid black is a recipe for style success. See the original post here.

3. Say yes to stripes

This should be easy since stripes are practically neutrals now. The black/tan vertical stripes on this dress are so au moment and easy to style. See the original blog post here. Shop the shirt dress for under $30 here.

4. Mix black graphic prints

Graphic prints that are anchored by black are a breeze to blend. The black ties to them together. For more on how to play with scope, see the original post here.

5. Play with silhouette and structure

There’s black clothing and there’s fabulous black clothing. One sure way to get to fabulous all black is by experimenting wth silhouette and structure. Voluminous trousers are still having a moment, so this little black number is standout because of its flare silhouette. The architectural knot at the top adds an interesting twist too. See the original post here. Shop the jumpsuit here.

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