3 Times Tying a Sweater was Better than Wearing One

Who says you actually have to wear your sweater or shirts as intended? I’ve been tying my sweaters and shirts around my waist to keep ’em handy during sporadic weather. You know, so I would have an extra layer if it gets colder. The sweater styling trick, though, can offer serious style possibilities. Here are my 3 favorite reasons to tie on a sweater or shirt instead of wearing one.

1. Simply tying a sweater can add a pop of color or print and hence jazz up an overall look. (Original Post | Original post)

2. Tying a sweater or shirt can cinch that waist in lieu of a belt. (Original post)

Tie Sweater Styling Trick

3. Tying a shirt can make everyday basics seem so much more hip. (Original post)



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