How to Keep Your Fine Leathers Safe During the Holidays

True story. I attended a holiday party recently and ended up drenched in a glass of red wine. I was chatting with a girlfriend. We were both sipping on glasses of a full-bodied Cabernet. She slipped, and her glass of red wine came raining down on me. I was calm at first because I was wearing all black. But, then, I looked down and noticed that my brand new Tory Burch Marion Suede Crossbody bag (now on sale) was also covered in red wine. Yikes!

Another friend sprung into action and got me some napkins to start dabbing the suede. Still, my wine-colored bag was now a much darker shade of wine in spots. At that point, I was certain that my bag was ruined. You know how easy suede stains. Miraculously, though, by the time I got home from the party, my bag had dried to its original state. How in the world? Well, I had pretreated my bag with a coat of Wilsons Leather & Suede Protector Spray, and apparently this stuff really works.

I’ve been using the Wilsons Leather & Suede Protector Spray for years on all of my handbags. It works by creating a resistant barrier that repels water and stains. It’s easy to use too. Simply spray the product evenly over your leather goods, allow them to dry (at least an hour), and that’s it. It’s also important to apply the product before using your fine leathers.

Protect fine leathers

Now that I know how well the spray works, I’m going to start using it on my shoes too. Need to protect fine leathers? I highly recommend this product, y’all!



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