What to Pack for a Day at Fair Saint Louis

I’ll be hanging out at Camp Redbook at Fair Saint Louis this Saturday from 1:30 to 5:30 PM. Come out and join me! Plan your visit before heading to Forest Park, though, because Fair Saint Louis places restrictions on what you can take into the park. And, event security meticulously enforces the rules too. Here are the essentials that’ll be in my bag for a day at Fair Saint Louis, and why these items meet event guidelines.

What's in my bag for a day at Fair Saint Louis 2c

What’s in My Bag:

1. A small tote to hold my essentials. Event rules prohibit large bags with the exception of baby diaper bags.

2. A purse for your coins and ID.

3. A factory sealed water bottle (up to 1 liter) or an empty plastic water bottle to stay hydrated. We’ll have water for you at Camp Redbook too.

4. My iPhone to stay connected and to take photos. Fair Saint Louis doesn’t allow professional cameras with interchangeable lenses.

5. A blanket for sitting in the grass. Portable chairs are allowed as well.

6. Sunglasses to look fly while blocking the sun’s rays.

7. An umbrella, because rain is in the forecast, but only a small hand-held style.



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