Where to Find Stylish Umbrellas for Spring Showers

One of my least favorite things about spring weather is how unpredictable it can be. Last Sunday, for example, a bright sunny day quickly transformed into a rainy one. Good thing I had my umbrella with me to stay dry.

I’m currently using the Vera Bradley umbrella in a striking print called rosewood chips. I usually purchase new umbrellas in off-price stores, but when I couldn’t find one that I loved, I took my search online, which led me to this one. I was first drawn to the print and color combination on the Vera Bradley umbrella. It was the umbrella’s cool features, though, like push button opening and push button closing as well as the sizable 36″ diameter when open, that made it a must-have even at $34.

Top | Middle | Bottom (I own this)

Need an umbrella to stay dry this spring? I’ve rounded up the most stylish ones available online: 


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