Fit and Fly

I’ve been shopping for new activewear, and decided to venture into a few stores I wouldn’t expect to have fabulous workout clothing. I’ve been blown away by the options.

Quick sale alert. GapFit gFast leggings, my longtime favorite performance pants, are on sale. I purchased this super fashionable pair with reflective dots for under $25 at sale-on-sale pricing. If you do rigorous workouts, you’ll love these leggings because they’re breathable, stretchy, moisture-wicking, durable, and constructed to stay in place.

I wear all black activewear all the time, so I’m always on the lookout for black pieces with fly details. When I spotted today’s featured snakeskin print performance leggings, I was instantly attracted. To my surprise, they actually fit and wear well too. Here’s a workout look styled around those leggings.

Tank | Leggings | Jacket | Sneakers

More Fab Activewear (many on sale)

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