Cool Ways to Maintain Your Style on Snow Days

St. Louis has been looking like a winter wonderland this week. It’s snowed and it’s been miserably cold. It’s the kind of cold that prompts you to pile on the layers. And, looking good in layers upon layers is not an easy thing. Here are a few of my favorite ways to maintain my style on snow days.

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1. Establish a go-to look. I discuss mine in Snow Day Style.

2. Get a statement coat that you love. Mine is undoubtedly the Plenty by Tracy Reese colorblock coat. See how I wear it here, here, and here.

3. Choose winter accessories that show off your style sensibilities. I love to play with color, so I pile on colors with my gloves, hats, and scarves. Of course, I love coats in bold colors too.

4. Get a fly pair of all-weather boots. I found the coolest pair of Cole Haan boots in Marshalls. They’re sleek, shiny, and they keep my feet warm and dry.


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