Talk to the Hand: Statement Bracelets and Rings

Unique designs. Statement pieces. Sporting jewelry that begs to be noticed is a must-do for winter 2014-2015. Yes, the statement necklace gets a lot of play, but pieces that make the hands the focal point are important too. This post, then, is all about bold bracelets and rings.

I have no idea what I’m wearing on New Year’s Eve (NYE) yet, but from the moment I saw the J.Crew Fireburst bracelet, I knew it would make sparks fly on that special night. It’s a cluster of brass beads tipped with black that resembles matchsticks. There’s always an item like this bracelet in every J.Crew rollout that steals my heart. In today’s combination of accessories, the bracelet is worn with my favorite statement rings—the J.Crew Sliced ringJ.Crew Industrial Bolt ring, and J.Crew Orb ring.


J.Crew Fireburst bracelet

J.Crew Sliced ring

J.Crew Industrial Bolt ring

J.Crew Orb ring

Kate Spade clutch | option

OPI “Stay the Night”

Explore my favorite statement bracelets and rings:

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