Discover a Celeb Skin Secret at BodyBrite

Sure.  We all admired the red carpet styles of our favorite movie and television stars last Sunday on the 2014 Golden Globes.  It was impossible, though, not to also notice all the luminous skin on the red carpet.  Ever wondered how celebs achieved glowing skin for special events?  They get oxygen facials and I had one at BodyBrite in South County, St. Louis.

BodyBrite, a spa center specializing in affordable and innovative skin and body treatments, opened three facilities in St. Louis during the summer of 2013.  These centers offer St. Louisans an array of services, including hair removal, oxygen facials, and teeth whitening, all at affordable prices.

I was invited to experience BodyBrite’s DermaOxy facial, a treatment that promises to revitalize and replenish the skin with pure oxygen.  Now, I’ve heard Madonna claim that oxygen facials are the secret to her youthful look, so I couldn’t wait to experience the oxygen magic myself.  If you’ve been curious about these treatments, read on for my experience.

BodyBrite St Louis South County c

After receiving a warm welcome by staffers at BodyBrite South County, I took my complimentary green tea to a private spa room for a skin consultation with the resident esthetician.  We discussed my concerns about the safety of the products and tools for black skin and I was assured that oxygen facials are safe for black woman.  I also learned that my history of dry skin made me a great candidate for an oxygen treatment.  My esthetician took a skin hydration test before we started treatment and guaranteed that my hydration score would improve after just one treatment.

Skin Hydration Test at BodyBrite Saint Louis
The moisture monitor tool is pressed against the skin and delivers a hydration score within seconds.

My facial began with a gentle cleaning and exfoliation using BodyBrite products.  As someone with sensitive skin, I was thrilled to learn that BodyBrite products are packed with good-for-the-skin ingredients and exclude common skin irritants like synthetic fragrances.

BodyBrite Gentle Cleaning and Exfoliation

The next steps are what make oxygen facials unique.  The esthetician sprayed my face and neck with an anti-aging serum comprising a high hyaluronic acid content.  The application of the serum feels like someone blowing on your face through a straw.  The serum did tingle in certain parts of my face, which I was told is normal.  Apparently, spraying the serum with the tool used (seen on the left below) allows the serum to penetrate the skin deeply.  Pure oxygen is then pressed into the skin with another gentle tool (seen on the right below) that makes a peculiar sound (think whoopee cushion) and boosts the effects of the serum.

BodyBrite DermaOxy Treatment, Oxygen Facial

So, did it work?  I received a follow-up skin hydration test immediately after my facial and my score jumped from 49.7% to 59.1%, indicating more moisture in my skin.  My skin was also dewy and glowing.  My skin has remained more moist even days after.

Would I do it again?  I would certainly do an oxygen facial again, especially before a special event.  The results are instant and there’s no downtime.  At $89 a session (average prices range from $150-$300 a session), BodyBrite makes oxygen facials affordable too.

Disclosure:  I was invited to visit BodyBrite in St. Louis and received a free facial for review purposes. All of the opinions, ideas, and photographs are my own.


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