Beauty Box 5: A Beauty Sampling Program

I had the opportunity recently to review Beauty Box 5, a beauty sampling program that delivers a box of 5 beauty samples monthly.  At only $12 a month (or $10/month when you purchase quarterly) with free shipping, this program is quite affordable.  I’m very particular about the products I use, though, so subscription based sampling programs haven’t appealed to me much.  There’s always the risk, after all, that you won’t like or can’t use the products you receive.  But, Beauty Box 5 may have changed my mind.

Prior to accepting the complimentary box, I peeked at the contents of past monthly Beauty Box 5 packages, and I liked the product selections.  I discovered that the beauty editor at Beauty Box 5 is committed to selecting products from luxury, commonly known, niche, eco-consicous, and even vegan brands to appease even the pickiest customers like me.

Beauty Box 5 Package

Unboxing a Beauty Box 5, Economy of Style b

More on what’s inside my Beauty Box 5:

  1. Coolway Cool Cleanse Shampoo:  Ideal for all hair types and free of harsh ingredients like sulfates. (Valued at $2.30)
  2. Coolway Cool Hydrate Conditioner: Increases hair strength elasticity without the use of harsh ingredients. (Valued at $2.30)
  3. Jean Pierre Cosmetics Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues: Instantly removes shine from the face.  (Valued at $1.99)
  4. Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in ‘Taupeless’: Long lasting color and high shine. (Valued at $14)
  5. Model Co Eye liner in black:  High color pigment pencil with inbuilt sharpener. (Valued at $18)

Cost of Beauty Box: $12.00

Value of Beauty Box: $38.59

Overall, I was pleased with the contents of my box.  Every product is usable, even the hair products, and y’all know I don’t put just anything in my natural hair.  I’m also satisfied that the value of the products I received far exceed the cost of the box.

If you like the idea of exploring new cosmetic products, Beauty Box 5 is an affordable program to try.

Disclosure:  I received a Beauty Box 5 sample free of charge for review purposes.  All of the images, opinions, and ideas are my own.


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