Affordable Dresses at Ark

I’m always on the hunt for stylish and affordable dresses.  These days, my searches have been taking me across the Atlantic Ocean to UK-based companies.  I recently discovered Ark, a leading retailer of branded and own-label trendy apparel, which originated in Leeds but now sells across the globe.

When I first visited the Ark site, I was immediately drawn to all the affordable dresses for winter.  In today’s post, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite dresses at Ark.  Most of them are priced under £25 too!

Tartan and Plaid
Left, MiddleRight

Cozy knits at Ark
Left, MiddleRight

Party dresses at Ark
Left, Middle, Right

Disclosure: Today’s post is sponsored by Ark.  Images used in the collages are from  As usual, all the opinions and ideas expressed are my own.  


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