Be Your Summer Self

The September issue of Redbook Magazine is surprisingly summery.  While most magazines are showcasing fall colors and styles, Redbook’s Editor-in-Chief, Jill Herzig, says that the magazine has intentionally kept the latest issue summery because labor day need not signal a shift to serious times.

Herzig shared a personal story about her fun and easygoing persona during the summer.  And, aren’t we all happier during the summertime?  It must be something about the cheery sunshine.  Anyway, Herzig ended her piece with a few guiding principles for holding on to your happier summer self.  The following are my favorites:

1.  Let your hair do what it wants.  I started this summer fighting my hair with blow-outs and twist-outs, but my hair (and I too) has been much happier since I let it just free fro.

2.  Wear what feels right.  I’m constantly undergoing style shifts and this summer I’ve been excited to try new styles that I love wearing.

3.  Notice how lovely everything is.  I’ve been nurturing a growing interest in photography.  This summer, my husband and I have spent weekends photographing our city.  This exercise has truly helped me appreciate how lovely everything is.

4.  Don’t give up flip-flops until you have to.  So, you’ll probably never see me wear flip-flops on this blog, but I wear them every day around the house and outside on short walks with my puppy.

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Disclosure: Today’s post is sponsored by Reef.  As usual, all the opinions and ideas expressed are my own.


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