A Bargain Shopping Tale

You know.  Bargain shopping is a way of life for me.  When I started this blog, I was a graduate student with a very limited budget, and although my income has since grown, my approach to building a wardrobe has remained the same—find a way to pay as little as possible for the things I want.

My husband finds some of my bargain shopping practices a tad strange.  He is, though, the same man that feels bad returning items that do not work out for him.  I find that strange. 

This past weekend, my dedication to bargain shopping pushed the limits of my purse.  In particular, it was a struggle trying to fit my stash of recent past receipts (for possible price adjustments), store coupons, and teacher coupon cards into a small clutch.  It was absolutely hilarious when I had to reach for a coupon or receipt to checkout.  Can you picture me sifting through folded pieces of paper at the top of a long line of customers?

Aside from getting a few dirty looks from impatient customers, taking the time to sift through receipts and coupons saved me $68.42!  Usually bargain shopping means buying items at discounted prices.  However, there is another level to bargain shopping that involves keeping receipts, researching store policies on anything from price adjustments to returns, and accumulating store special offers.


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