I know. It is another Max Studio dress. But, this red sweater dress was sinfully irresistible with its super soft texture and hand-tacked honeycomb detail at the bodice. To create a work look and add some shape, the dress is belted. Black t-strap peep-toe pumps complete the outfit.
Dress—Max Studio via Marshalls Belt—The Limited Shoes—Tahari via Marshalls

Honeycomb detail:


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  1. June 17, 2008 / 6:27 pm

    I love the shoes 🙂

  2. June 17, 2008 / 6:59 pm

    you reminds me the last look of the Barack Obama´s wife…she is really trendy, i guess 🙂

    a kiss!

  3. Anonymous
    June 17, 2008 / 7:33 pm

    Fabulous darling!

  4. June 17, 2008 / 8:24 pm

    i love it. on my next trip to marshall’s, i’ll be stalking max studio too!

  5. June 17, 2008 / 9:33 pm

    This is funny, I’m wearing my Max Studio dress from Marshalls today as well! (Mine is brown with ruffle sleeves) I love the red though! And the detail is nice. 🙂

  6. June 17, 2008 / 10:25 pm

    Love it and the shoes. The belt makes such a great effect.
    And your necklace is very pretty, delicated.


  7. June 17, 2008 / 10:34 pm

    I love that you look like Michelle O, I didn’t pick it but it’s a compliment! The t-bars and the belt totally lift this outfit!

  8. Kim
    June 17, 2008 / 11:34 pm

    I saw this dress a few weeks ago but passed because I didn’t think it would be work appropriate, as I am on the hunt for cute summer dresses. I love how you added a belt and made it chic. I’m going to go back and see if I can find it now. You are AWESOME!

  9. June 18, 2008 / 12:07 am

    ITA with kira, this look is very reminiscent of Michelle Obama. I love it and the color compliments your skintone well.

  10. June 18, 2008 / 12:24 am

    Nywele: Would you believe I got those for $29? Great deal for a classic pair of shoes.

    Kira Fashion: Hmmm…I hadn’t thought about that until you mentioned it. I see it! Next time, I will add the SJP belt and some Flintstone pearls to nail the Michelle O look.

    Anon: Thanks for stopping by!

    Budget Babe: This is the time too. There is markdown madness at Marshalls on these dresses! I know you won’t believe that I got this dress for $17! I was able to negotiate the price lower than the markdown owing to a slight snag in the knit.

    Maggie: Wonderful! Your dress sounds fabulous, but I can’t picture the exact one (as if I know every MS dress in Marshalls, right). So, I hope you do post on it!

    Seeker: A belt makes such a difference. What was I doing before I started wearing belts like this?

    Imelda Matt: Thanks. The accessories take the look to new places indeed. The dress looked a tad dowdy without them. Notice I didn’t show those pix 🙂

    Kim: Hope you find it! I had been passing this dress over all summer long. An insane markdown made me stop and take a second look though. Even at the clearance price though, I considered returning it, for I felt it made me look a little frumpy. The addition of the belt made me see potential.

    Of that Girl: Thanks. I must have subconsciously translated the look, for I do love Michelle O. in that purple number. I’ve got to find me a studded belt though!

  11. June 18, 2008 / 1:16 am


  12. June 18, 2008 / 4:06 pm

    Diva: I am glad it went sale, for I would never given it a chance. I love it now.

    Josephine: Thanks for coming by. Summer knit dresses are so cool!

    Fresh & Fab: Uh-oh. Lol. I get what you mean. And, I think I like that look/style a lot.

  13. June 18, 2008 / 9:04 pm

    If Max Studio keeps doing dresses like that, you’ll have to buy every one!

    Red is a fabulous color on you, and that shape is perfect.

  14. June 18, 2008 / 10:45 pm

    Just beautiful. Very classic and elegant. You rock!

  15. June 19, 2008 / 5:45 am

    My immediate correlation was that of ’50s movie stars like Audrey Hepburn. The ensemble fits within a classic color scheme that is timeless, and the patterns are rather regal.

  16. June 19, 2008 / 2:53 pm

    Oh, I LOVE your red dress!! It’s sooo lovely! The honeycomb detail in really beautiful! You really have some of the best dresses! The belt, necklace and sandals really complete this look…fabulous! Hope you’re well luv 🙂

  17. June 19, 2008 / 3:41 pm

    Enc: Hahaha. Lately, I’ve been especially trying to diversify the style of MS dress that I get. This one has the usual empire waist that I love, but the neckline is different (no crossover top with the plunging v). And, it is my first red dress!

    Cheryl Lynn: Thanks! Initially I had reservations about this dress. While I appreciate the value of styling an item, I like the freedom to just throw on something and go. This dress is not that flattering without the belt.

    S. Watson: Wow! I am really inspired by the styles of that era.

    Lil Midget: I appreciate you stopping by.

    Danz: Thanks. I’ve purposely been building my dress wardrobe over the past year. I rarely wore dresses before that and owned few of them (only special occasion pieces)!

    Your post on red dresses that day was fascinating.

  18. June 19, 2008 / 5:24 pm

    Oh. super cute.
    Normally i don’t like mix between black and red, but you rocked it. I think the dress is super cute, and i love these shoes. The whole outfit is GREAT! 🙂