What’s in My Gym Bag

I’m obsessed with what’s in my bag posts. You too? I’ve already done a What’s in My All-Day Bag post and even a What’s in my Travel Bag post. Since it’s “gym season,” I thought it would be cool to share what’s typically in my gym bag. I’m currently carrying a Rebecca Minkoff nylon backpack to the gym. By the way, I found the backpack on clearance in Off 5th.

From my current favorite water bottle to the headbands I wear to keep sweat out of my eyes, here’s what’s in my gym bag:


What’s in my gym bag:

Nike Flyknits

Fitness gloves

Insulated water bottle

Goody headbands

Goody elastics

Paddle brush


Hand sanitizer

Hand lotion

Hair fragrance mist

Lip butter

Lip gloss

Small towel

What’s in My All-Day Bag

This post is sponsored by Always Liners.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on some cool projects that have made my days long. So, when I pack my bag in the morning, I try to make sure it has everything I need to survive the day, which has been ending at 9 PM on average lately. From my iPad to my notebook to my favorite Always Liners, peek inside my all-day bag.

What’s in my all-day bag:

Productivity. I don’t go anywhere without my favorite tech devices and writing materials.

Stay fresh. My bag is always stocked with essentials to stay feeling fresh and clean all day long. Deodorant. Hand sanitizer. Lotion. And, my must-have liners, the Always Xtra Protection Liners. These liners are comfortable and stay in place. I especially like the individually wrapped liners because I can just toss a few of them in my bag.

I often pack my all-day essentials in this handy travel pouch to keep things organized inside my bag.

Beauty. For occasional touch-ups, I always carry a comb, lip balm, and my lipstick of the day.

Eats. On the busiest of days, it’s easy to forget to eat; I carry fruit bars as emergency food.

What are some of your all-day essentials?

What’s in My Travel Bag?

I travel light everywhere I go. Doing so has made traveling so much easier. Lost and found bags? Waiting at baggage claim? Ain’t nobody got no time for that. And, most airlines charge to check a bag now too? Hell to the no.

On my recent trip home, my travel schedule was tight and tricky, so making sure my luggage was always at my side was a must. I packed a pilot case and my Tangaroa mini duffel bag as my personal item. Today’s post shares what I stuffed into that mini duffle bag.

Waiting for my connecting flight at Miami International Airport. My mini duffel is sitting on my pilot case

Here’s a glimpse of everything I stuffed into my mini duffel bag:

Tracy Reese cosmetic case:
This holds my makeup, a case of makeup brushes, my toiletries (in a quart-size bag), and grooming tools.

Kate Spade bag/wallet/cardholder:
I like to have a smaller purse holding my wallet and other important items when carrying a larger bag as my personal item.

Kate Spencer scarf which doubles as a throw when the plane gets chilly

Sony camera case and Sony NEX-5N

Kate Spade sunglasses and case

Macbook Pro in a Muujo sleeve

Linea Pelle passport case and passport

Larabars for snacking

Dentyne Pure Gum

iPad mini

iPhone with earphones


Notebook and pen

I try to avoid carrying all these devices when I can, but they each serve a unique purpose. There are some things I can only do on my computer. And, my iPad houses all my reading materials, namely the latest magazines I download for free as a member of the St. Louis Public Library

An Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18 sitting next to my favorite reversible Maaji swimsuit.

One of my secret weapons stowed in my carryon was my brand new Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18* (℅), a battery-operated, 18 tweezer epilator that’s perfect for hair removal on the face and body. It’s small and compact, making it perfect for travel. It came in handy for touching up my upper lip and bikini line while in St. Kitts. I usually have my upper lip threaded and that hurts so much. Ouch! The Epi Slim+ e18 made that process pain free. That’s when I got hooked and decided you ought to know about it too. By the way, the epilator, unlike a razor, pulls hair from the root and hence keeps hair away for weeks.

Close-up of Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18, which retails for just $34.95. 

* I received a sample of the Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18 at no charge from Emjoi publicists for review purposes.

What’s in My Bag for an Outdoor Festival

This summer, I hope to spend as much time outside as possible. I have big plans to explore many of the outdoor festivals that St. Louis and surrounding areas have to offer. In preparation, I’ve been thinking about the essentials I would want to have with me while partying under the open sky. From baby wipes to a flask to hold my favorite liquor, here’s what’ll be in my bag:

Picnic mat

Tote bag

Baby wipes

First aid kit

Odometer coin purse

Sunglasses | similar

Lip butter



Hand towel

What’s in My Milly Clutch?

The Milly ‘Addison Facile’ clutch caught my attention last spring while browsing in Nordstrom. Its precise perforations were simply perfect. Its green hue offered a cool pop of color for spring. Its hinged frame closure was so vintage-y. At $297, though, I decided to wait and watch for markdowns and it sold out before I could ever get one. Can you imagine, then, how excited I was to walk into Nordstrom Rack recently and spot the clutch on clearance for $51? Score!

In today’s post, let’s take a look at my Milly clutch and what’s in it.

I’ve grown fond of carrying clutches in recent years. There are a few essentials I always have with me, though, so it’s important that my clutch can carry them all. The Milly ‘Addison Facile’ meets that demand.

What’s in my Milly:

1. Pilot P-500 pen
2. Small notebook | similar
3. Oil absorbing facial tissues
4. Kate Spade “Darla” wallet
5. Kate Spade business card case
6. Bliss Fabulips lip balm
7. Mac “Heroine” lipstick
8. iPhone in Kate Spade ‘word search’ case

Like the look of a perforated clutch?  Check out these affordable ($36) options by Topshop: Topshop perforated fold over clutch, Topshop heart perforated clutch.