Essentials To Stay Cozy And Chic This Fall

It snowed in St. Louis this week, y’all. I wasn’t ready for the drastic change in temperature. But, I do stay style ready with cozy and chic essentials on deck to bundle up when needed. Today’s post shares some of those key items.

cozy chic essentials

What I’m wearing:

Sweater | Faux suede leggingsFendi wrappy | Boots (similar, similar)

Fendi baguette (see options)| Anklet | Earrings (similar, similar) | Watch (similar, similar)

Knits You Love

There’s a reason why we call it sweater weather. Knitwear is essential for staying warm when temperatures take a dip. I love to stock up on knits that evoke my style. This Mango sweater, for example, has an oversized fit and long puff sleeves. My favorite detail is the wide neckline that makes it perfect for draping off the shoulder. For reference, I’m wearing the sweater in a size small.

cozy chic essentials

Elevated leggings

I could live in leggings when it gets cold. They’re comfortable and warm. They also tuck into the high boots I’d likely be wearing when it’s freezing outside. If you’ve got the basics covered, try a pair in a more luxurious texture, like (faux) suede.

This particular pair, available in 3 colors, is from Zara. For reference, I’m wearing a size Large (figured that out using the sizing guide). They’re so comfy that I’m thinking about getting another color.

cozy chic essentials

Tall Boots

There are so many new trendy boot styles this fall. Square toe, snake print, slouchy…the best trend is the one that speaks to your style. My cognac boots are several years old, and they still remain my go-to pair. I love the style and fit so much that I have the exact pair in black. Mine are from Naturalizer (see a similar style here and here).

Location: Square One Brewery & Distillery

For more fall style inspiration, go here, here, and here.

The Snake Print Boots I’m Adding To My Wardrobe

Snake print boots have been trending for at least a couple years. I think I’ve finally found the pair that best complements my style. I’m simply not drawn to the natural snake print, especially when the print is splashed all over a tall boot. When I saw the Louise et Cie Tropical Snake Print Leather boot, though, I was smitten. There’s something special about the tawny color, the silhouette, and the block heel. You know you really love something when you start imagining all the outfits it could complement and complete before you even get it. That’s the situation with these boots.

Today, I’m sharing a basic fall combination that’d pack so much more style and flavor when these boots are added.

I think these boots are begging to be added to my closet, y’all. By the way, check out a few other snake print styles that’ve caught my eye at the end of this post.

snake print boots

Oversize shirt | Skinny jeans | Boots | Bag | Hoop earrings

Shop Snake Print Boots:

Want more ways to incorporate snake prints into your style? See how easy it is do so with a snake print top here and with a snake print dress here.

How to Wear Denim on Denim (on Denim)

50 shades of blue! Don’t you just love all things denim? Items in denim are always easy choices for me when it comes to styling because they tend to be so versatile. I practically live in my favorite jeans (under $30). And, I’ve never met a chambray shirt that I didn’t love. I’m so glad, then, that as a fashion community, we’ve tossed antiquated fashion rules about wearing denim. So, denim on denim on denim, it is!


Chambray shirt | Jeans | Jacket | Head wrap | Boots c/o

How to wear denim on denim

Denim-on-denim styling went from fashion don’t to fashion do along my style journey. And, today, I’m pushing the limits of the beloved styling technique by wearing three denim items in the same look. You see, I stumbled upon an article in a major fashion publication that advised against adding denim accessories to denim-on-denim ensembles. When that piece was written, I don’t think the author could envision a super fly denim head wrap as the accessory.

The wrap Life Denim demi head wrap

By the way, you must see my Support-a-Sista Holiday Gift Guide featuring my favorite head wraps and other stylish products created by black woman owned business. Today’s featured denim head wrap was included in that roundup.


I wore this denim outfit to a blogger shopping event at the St. Louis Premium Outlets last Saturday. I can’t wait to share my finds from that trip. The deals there are especially amazing right now.


St. Louis was fairly cold that weekend, so I added my mustard moto jacket as a fun (and warm) layer since I needed to wear it throughout the event. The mall is an outdoor mall. The jacket was a great addition to the denim look because of its silhouette and color.

Anthropologie Boucle Moto Jacket

Location: The Grove, St. Louis

How to Instantly Dress up a Tee and Leggings

Vests have become go-to pieces for adding that little extra something to a look this fall. Remember my Christopher & Banks faux suede vest (also seen here)? That drapey vest transforms even the most casual ensemble into something fancier. Talking about fancy, my absolute favorite vest for dressing up an outfit, especially during the holiday season, is my faux fur vest.

Naturalizer Harbor Boots

Tee | Vest (similar) | Leggings c/o | Boots c/o | Bag (sold out, similar, similar)


Now, rock with me for a minute. I wore this look to hang out in the style suite and watch a recent St. Louis Blues Game. Yes, a hockey game. Yes, that same hockey game that most people wear jerseys to attend. But, remember, I was hanging out in the style suite. And, a style suite calls for a little more effort, right?


I grabbed a tee in team colors, paired it with my comfy ponte knit leggings, and then cinched them together with my oh-so-fancy faux fur vest.


Since I was wearing a faux fur vest, I figured my crew neck tee needed a little bling. And, my old J.Crew sunburst necklace was the perfect piece to deliver the sparkle.


If you follow me on a Facebook and Twitter, you may have seen a few live posts from the hockey game.

Faux fur vest

Location: Jefferson Ave, St. Louis


Get Bright! Greeting Coat Season in Cheerful Color

I’m so excited about the bright color trends this fall. Autumn is usually such a dreary town when it comes to color. So, the popularity of vivacious hues like lush meadow, aurora red, and spicy mustard is giving me (and my wardrobe) so much life. Take my Anthropologie Boucle Moto Jacket in mustard (shop it here), for example, it adds joy (and edge) to anything I pair it with.


Jacket (similar) | Tunic (c/o) | Leggings | Boots (c/o) | Bag (on sale, similar) | Necklace


I wish-listed the mustard jacket the moment I saw it in the Fall Anthro catalog. The color caught my attention, but the luxe texture, jazzy silhouette, and edgy zippers ultimately won me over.

Anthropologie Boucle Moto Jacket

The Anthro jacket appears to have sold out online after the recent Anthro Day offering a 20% discount on full price items. You may still find it in-stores though. *Update: the jacket is back online (see it here).


By the way, I considered a few other options before deciding on the Anthropologie Boucle Moto Jacket (see them all in the widget below). The Steve Madden Faux Suede Moto Jacket in mustard was a top contender. I liked it because of its overall look and affordable price point. My local Nordstrom stores didn’t it have it, though, and I wanted to see the color in person.


I got my jacket just in time to greet chilly fall weather last weekend. I wore today’s featured look to Sunday brunch. The laid-back outfit is anchored by a white layering tunic and black leggings. The mustard jacket and tall boots add all the flavor.

Anthropologie Boucle Moto Jacket, Naturalizer Harbor Boots Banana Bread Leather

Location: Jefferson Ave, St. Louis